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Thanks for breaking my heart.

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This poem touched me because this will be my first Valentine's Day without a Valentine. We are separated after 33 years of marriage.

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Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008 with permission of the Author.

No roses, no candy, no darling or dear...
Guess I'll spend it alone this year.
Men talk and they flirt; they wink and they sigh...
but when it comes time... there's no one to buy.

I like my roses...and wine.
I love to snuggle, cuddle and dine.
Just seems it's something that men don't want.
Guess they don't understand the hurt of a heart.

I'll get no gift, no card, no call ....
just me laying here...or walking the hall.
No heart that flutters or skips that beat
when I see you coming down the street.
No hugs, no kisses, no special treats,
just me hurting heart... that has no beat~

This day's for lovers AS IT should be...
just regret the fact there's none for me.
I try so hard to find that love...
the one they say is sent from above.

But alas for me, it's not to be...
so alone this Valentine's Day I'll be.

For all you lovers...cherish your mate.
Explain to him how you met was fate!

Remember the giggles the fun and folly,
of how it felt to be happy and jolly.

So care for your man, care for your woman,
and you will have that love that makes the heart flitter and flutter and the pulse run fast.
So cherish them on this glorious day and remember how great a love can be.
Happy Valentine's Day!


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  • Gaia Vallentin by Gaia Vallentin
  • 5 years ago

It is a really good poem, and it totally makes sense. The poem has some good points and thoughts. Sadly, I can relate...

  • Maura by Maura
  • 7 years ago

This poem touched me because this will be my first Valentine's Day without a Valentine. We are separated after 33 years of marriage.

  • Carl by Carl, Granite City Il
  • 11 years ago

This poem touches me, but I have pretty much given up on ever finding love again, I've been hurt so many times, my second wife says that I'm just to nice and allow women to walk all over me, another liked to say that I was stuck on stupid for continuing to forgive her, I don't know, don't do drugs, rarely drink, not a wife beater, home every night, bought the ones I loved a rose every Friday, said I love you daily, if someone can't find a woman who appreciates a man with these traits, then there truly is no hope, love is eternally lost.

  • Danyelle by Danyelle
  • 14 years ago

I agree I have spent many days alone, but when I came across this poem it reminded me of true love. I really love this poem I think everybody who thinks love is gone should read this poem to remind them of true love

  • Rachel Park by Rachel Park
  • 15 years ago

Awwwww I'm the same I've had partners just not on valentine's. I'd be thrilled to be your valentine! You will find your other half eventually! =]

  • stevie by stevie
  • 15 years ago

hey:) this was really cute and for some reason I just had to read it and it makes totally sense to me....

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