War Poem

This poem is about young people who are eager to risk their lives for their country in time of war. The poem is set during World War two, and represents the factors that lead young men to the front lines

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Vitctims Of Society


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2011 with permission of the author.

Dawn breaks on yet another day
but the light is nowhere to be found
on this sky murky and gray
hope seems lost on this battle ground

Many young men have died here, sacrifices were made
but was it worth it, did it bring any change
why did we not stop these men who were betrayed
from their very own leaders who themselves were afraid

The young men believed in adventure
but little did they know
that of this deadly game they were the lure
their bravery and courage to this day is still aglow

With their first step onto the battlefield
they found out the truth
their hope was lost and their fate sealed
that they would be taken from this world still in their youth

These men victims of society and eager to please
we all pray that they rest in peace
they leave with a lesson that we all should learn and use
that life is a gift too precious to lose


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