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My dedication for anyone who has ever served, is still serving or who may serve in the future.

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Soldier My Soldier


Published: May 2010

I am writing from a place called Freedom;
this perilous journey unimaginably long.
This road was one you traveled for me.
You are my courage that keeps me strong.
I feel the security your protection offers me.
Safe in my bed I sleep the night through.
I wake up to another day of choices.
I have this blessed gift now because of you.

You took my fear like a blanket protected;
me, the one you swore to defend.
Your bravery is a concept perfected.
Your honor imbedded forever
in the heart of this land.

Stand before you now I am integrated.
Through lines of communication
I view you now.
All this madness
scenes of a fantasy
before my eyes play back surreal.

How can I even begin to thank you...
soldier my soldier, my brother, my son,
father, o' lover, my husband, my daughter,
my sister, my mother and my dearest friend?

My gratitude I will extend
by never taking for granted the pride
of what it takes to be an American
and so in vane you will not have died.

Thank you again soldier my soldier.
May God bless you on this day
and my prayer I pray in your honor
God Bless the USA!


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