Rape Poem

Poem On The Lingering Effects Of Stolen Innocence

I'm 28 years of age now and was sexually abused when I was 14 by someone I didn't know. I have been able to move on with life now, but it still haunts me each and every day, but if I let it rule my life that means they win.

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Was Never Yours


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2015 with permission of the Author.

I never knew you,
we never spoke,
but you thought you could take
what was never yours...

Your eyes, your breath
I still feel on my skin,
your ruthless power
still kills me within...

What made you do it
I will never know
but I refuse to be a prisoner
within my own soul...

My heart still bleeds,
my soul stone cold...
if only I could take back
what you stole.

I never knew you,
we never spoke,
but forever you will have
something that was never yours.

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