True Love Poem

This poem marked my progression from the puppy love into true love. This is about my relationship with the love of my life.

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We Are King & Queen


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009 with permission of the Author.

A smile took my gaze and I grinned,
Something wonderful come from within,
Emanated from the both of us.
This feeling couldn't be contained,
Ascertained to a fairy tale dream,
The greatest feeling I ever conceived.

Going home changed more every day,
Talking to me in your own little way
Before I met you the days were worse,
Spit upon like dirt, in constant hurt.
As each day passed I felt so empty and alone,
You touched my heart that I thought was stone.
Your words became so appealing,
One couldn't help catching that feeling,
A prince was all I wanted and needed,
Expectations is what you exceeded.

My feelings couldn't be denied,
In your arms, I want to reside
I haven't felt this way in a while.
All I can do is walk around with a smile.
Looking like Mr. Kool-Aid man with my grin,
I know why they call love a sin.
You make me happy with each passing day,
Hoping it never ends is what I pray!
When you call me cookie, I feel warmth within
Hit the lottery, I knew I'd win.
My boogie is what I'll always call you,
You're my first pick, and that's so true!

I know you been through a lot in life,
And now I'm here to relieve your strife.
I promise to always be there,
Your heart, I want to repair.
I won't judge you no matter what,
The door to the past is shut.
They say when one door closes,
A window is opened to smell the roses.
Through this open window, come with me,
I'll show you what its like to be free.
But just like that bed of roses,
Growth in right under our noses.
The growth of this thing we call us,
Is like platinum it never rusts

Although our worlds are diverse,
Our personalities will never divert.
The list of diversity is never ending,
We don't care, our love is transcending.
Our relationship is off the wall,
With this we can sore above all!
Like Beyonce and Jay-Z we will be unbeatable,
No need for doctors, our feelings are untreatable!

Like I said before about my prince,
He's the one, no need to convince.
Although I do not want to rush,
I can't help but tell everyone he's my crush.
You are my Price Charming,
These feelings are alarming!

I can't believe I'm falling so hard,
Living at far, way more than a yard.
I'll be sad until we can be face to face,
But you still got me wanting your embrace.
To feel safe from the world around,
And so we can finally be crowned!
We can walk side by side as King and Queen,
Looking decked out and oh so clean!!! :)

I'll always be your cookie...your oreo, your amos
With you I'll always feel so famous
Cookie or queen, I don't care either way,
Call me anything, as long as I'm your bay!
If paradise is what your looking for,
Step outside that window and come explore.
I'm waiting to see if you will,
Together, happiness is what we will fulfill


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