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Poem About Thinking at Night

I want to be a writer. My mind talks to me constantly as if I am always reading a book, the book of my life.

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What Am I Looking For?


Published: August 2008

I lie in my bed at night...thinking,
Sometimes a little too much.
I am tired, it's dark and my family has long since been asleep,
Sleep would be merciful, my eyes are sealed shut
but yet my mind is running in circles,
what is it about the long dark nights that keep my mind going?
I get up and go to see the stars,
I run outside hoping to find some one?
An Angel?
Holy Ushpinizim?
A word from HaShem?
What is it I am looking for?
My life?
My love?
I look up to my old friends who have been with me my whole life.
The shine down on me as if I am the only thing to shine on,
they fill my eyes with sparkles and give my heart hope,
they make me realize that God is truly there.
I climb back into my bed,
no longer warm but my soul is at rest,
and at last sleep comes.



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