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  1. You Take Me There

    Poem About Needing God

    As I search for your saving grace,
    I know one day I'll see your face.
    Waiting is the hardest thing for me.
    I know with you I will be so free.

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    This poem is so great. I can feel the love and faith of God.

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  3. You Are The Music

    Recognizing God In Music

    You are the music. You are the song.
    You are the words of truth and love.
    You are the voice that speaks to our heart.
    You are the music, the song of our heart.

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    Actually, there is music to this poem that was created in 2013.

  4. God At Work

    Inspiring Reminder To Trust God

    I am a work of art
    In the Almighty's hands.
    The intent of His heart,
    He totally understands.

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  6. Dear Diary

    God Is Still Good

    in my weeping, He is still good
    in my fear, He is still good
    in my weariness, He is still good
    in my pain, frustration, hurt, and shame

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  7. My God

    My Faith In God

    God is my Saviour
    God is my friend.
    God lights my way
    Whenever darkness descends.

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  8. God's Providence

    The Providential Care Of God

    When night changes into day
    we get a chance to start over again.
    We can complete the things left undone
    and reach back and make amends.

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  10. Faith

    • By Cheryl Williamson
    • Published: March 2020
    God Is With Us Wherever We Go

    In times of trouble,
    It's good to know
    That God is with us
    Wherever we go.

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  11. A Sinner's Plea

    Poem About Doubts

    Is God still showing me love
    As He looks down from above?
    He silently sheds a tear
    as He longs to be near.

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    It is an honor to know this moved you in such a deep way of understanding. I do nothing but put pen to paper when the spirit stirs me. I lean into the very spirit that only God can lead me....

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  12. This Pain

    Healing Power Of Love And Forgiveness

    This pain that I feel cuts through me like steel.
    It's like an open wound that just won't heal.
    They say that time is the key that turns the lock and sets you free,
    But why, God? Why, is this happening to me?

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  13. Agape

    • By Kjn
    • Published: September 2016
    God's Unconditional Love For Us

    She had never been in love;
    His was from above.

    She didn't like compassion;

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    I really like how your poem tells of someone who pushed away from God but He still loved her. And how in the end she goes to Him and is saved.

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