Rape Poem

Poem Written To Rapist

The person that I grew up with ruined my life. He would rape me from the time I turned 8 until just recently. I never told anybody, and I still keep it to myself. But I write to forget; it helps me heal.

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Who Said You Had The Right?


Published: October 2012

I can't believe you
Don't you have any regret
You were supposed to protect me
But you only failed at that
How can you live with yourself
Each and every day
Knowing you ruined who I should be
In only the eyes of God
I had a plan, you know
To lead a happy life
But it all came crashing down
On your so called wonderful night
Who told you that you had the right
Didn't you hear the words I was speaking
They were begging you to stop
Never even told you to begin
So I gotta ask
Just one more time
Who said you had the right

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