Poem about Sadness

You Said You Would Stay

I wrote this poem at 3 am. I couldn't fall asleep thinking that the next day I would be moving from New Jersey (after living there for 16 years) to Massachusetts. My parents split and I just NEEDED to write it all down. Hope you enjoy it and gain something from it!!

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A Smile


Published: December 2008

A smile is just a Gesture,
That's made on one's face,
What if the knew,
All I needed was space?
I NEED to breathe,
NEED to get away,
Don't know how much longer,
I am here to stay.
We had such fun,
Used to laugh all day.
You said you wouldn't leave,
You said you would stay.
But know you are gone,
And I must force a smile,
Because you had told me,
It was just for a while.
Now we are leaving,
Leaving all our pasts here.
Ditching the friends and the family,
That have grown so dear.
You tell me to be happy,
To have fun for a while,
But how can I have fun,
When I can't find a smile?



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