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  1. I've Figured It Out

    • By Corinna
    • Published: November 2007
    Fixing Our Marriage

    Whilst our little boy was growing up,
    Our hearts were growing at a distance,
    Our love was focused on him,
    Not on each other, in this instance,...

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  3. Enough Hurting Those Who Love You

    • By Erin
    • Published: April 2011

    Wondering why you have so much hate
    Before you see it will be too late
    Trying to accept who you are
    Just seems far too far

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    Yes, it made me cry and get on my knees and pray to keep my relationship with my lady that keeps me in check.

  4. Colors Of Me

    • By Rachelle N. Biehle
    • Published: November 2016
    Emotions Of Love

    Your love is like a rainbow,
    and I am the pot of gold.

    Red represents Rage,

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  6. Vibrant Colors

    • By Paul T. East
    • Published: July 2016
    Don't Judge Me

    Don't judge my cover; it's not mine.
    I was given this to wear for the duration of my time.
    Over time it has become creased, ripped, and worn,
    A once perfect canvas the day I was born.

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  7. Secrets

    Regretting Cheating

    do your secrets rip and roar?
    do they tear at you with open claws?
    do your secrets dig down deep?
    do the make you want to speak?

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  8. Your Love In The Palm Of My Hand

    • By Rosa Livingstone
    • Published: June 2013
    Learning How To Love Poem

    I hold our love in the palm of my hand as one would a newborn: with awe and delicacy, with softness and protection, with the promise to nurture

    I hold our love in the palm of my hand as one would a stone found on a sunny ocean shore, with respect for its strength, with wonder for its resiliency, with deference for its journey to the shore

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    My Love
    My love, My love
    Come and go away
    with me to the secret place of the heart
    A place only you can enter and be mine forever
    Love is the greatest thing you can give to another

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  10. I Light The Torch

    • By Debbie Billingsley
    • Published: October 2010

    I light a torch and hold it high
    It shines so bright it lights the sky
    You see the light, you know it's me
    You find the strength and set yourself free...

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  11. A Lost And Found For Love

    Love Is Out There

    There're many women I have met
    And loved throughout my years.
    Some provided joy I'd get,
    But most provided tears.

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    Bravo! I think there are many who find the humor and honesty in these lines!

  12. Advice To A Girl

    No one worth possessing
    Can be quite possessed;
    Lay that on your heart,
    My young angry dear;

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  13. Do You Know?

    Poem About An Abusive Relationship

    Do you know how much she loves you?
    Do you know how much she cares?
    Do you know she would do anything for you?
    Hurt you? She wouldn't dare!

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