Aging Poem

Dancing Through Time: Poem On Youthful Joy And Aging Gracefully

During our lives we have danced at every moment we could. If a song came on the radio, we started to sing, we when out clubbing, etc. We just loved to dance. However as age slowly crept up on us things started to wane. Our bodies weren't up to it any more. So I wrote this little ditty.

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Old Dancers


Published by Family Friend Poems August 17, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I know we're old now and our bodies don't work as they should.
But if I could dance with you once more I surely would.

To dance as we did without a care.
We'd dance all night with energy to spare.

From a tango to a salsa, it was good to be alive.
From a lambada to a merengue, a swing and a jive.

We'd dance till our feet fell off, our arms limp at our side.
We didn't care, we took it all in our stride.

To dance with you again would be so immense.
But we're too old now and it isn't good sense.


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