Death Of Partner Poem

Poem Remembering After Death The Love We Had

Remembering a love that was lost but not forgotten. He remembers the love that they had for each other every day. Remembering every little detail.

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I'll Always Remember

Richard G. Martin © more by Richard G. Martin

Published by Family Friend Poems April 12, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I'll always remember the day I met you
The way you used to hold me, the day we said I do

We were always together, at work or at play
The love we had for each other, I remember today

I'll always remember the days of me and you
The way you used to laugh dear, the things we used to do

The way you used to kiss me and hold me late at night
I'll always remember how things just seemed so right

I'll always remember the good times that we had
I don't seem to remember any times that were bad

When I was feeling sad and lonely, you kissed my tears away
And told me you loved me and that you'd never go away

But when you left my world darling, it just fell apart
But you'll always be remembered, remembered in my heart

Yes, you'll always be remembered in my heart



I have always enjoyed poems and song lyrics. I started writing country music songs when I was about 16. About 20 years ago I started a small country music band called Graywood. I wrote many of the songs we performed. I no longer have a band, but I still enjoy music and poems. I hope the readers of my work will enjoy it. Although some are...

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