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  1. 41. My Best Friend

    • By Nessa
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2011

    This is a poem I wrote while I boyfriend was deployed to Afghanistan for a year. He came in for R&R early, making it 8 months between our reuniting. I love this man with all my heart and one day I am going to marry him.

    Poem About Loving A Soldier

    There is this amazing man
    who is far, far away.
    He only gets to come home for 2 weeks,
    not a day later can he stay.
    We get to talk on the phone sometimes,
    a few Skype dates in between.
    we write each other letters,
    its more amazing than it seems.
    See, he's been called to work,
    a job with selfless pay.
    he is gone for Christmas, Thanksgiving.
    was even gone on my birthday.
    My boyfriend is kind of like others,
    he plays games and likes to fish.
    he likes to hang out with his friends,
    having a family is his #1 wish.
    But he is different in many other ways,
    he is gone more than he is home.
    this year was the one duty called for,
    he had to go off and spend it alone.
    So why love a man who is gone so much?
    Are the years apart worth it in the end?
    Many tears and lonely nights,
    all worth it for my best friend..
    To the love of my life, my hero, my soldier.

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