Romantic Poems

Romantic Poems

Romantic Love Poetry for Him and Her

Romance is the language of love. It is the way that you show your partner that you care about them. Every person has their own idea of what they might consider romantic. For some it will be dressing up for the other or buying flowers or jewelry. There is no way to know what is romantic without knowing the person. Romance is created by the feeling that you are genuinely cared about. All romance has one thing in common; it must show the other person that you care enough to find out what is meaningful to them.

Sweet Romantic Things to Say to your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

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  1. Love Sits On My Shoulder

    A Life-Long Relationship

    Love sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear.
    It tells me how you love me and the words I want to hear.
    Love is growing with you and filling in the gaps.
    Love is our tomorrows, our future, and our past.

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  3. Mila's Song

    • By Kenneth D. Heatley
    • Published: June 2020
    I'll Be Your Knight In Shining Armor

    Whenever you're in danger
    Or feeling down and blue,
    I'll be there to hold your hand.
    Yes, I'll be there with you.

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    To me that is the most perfect poem. And it is kind of a coincidence. I caught the title of the poem and read it before I read why you wrote it. The coincidence is I, too, am in love with a...

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  4. By Candlelight

    Yellow flame flickers
    Shadows dance upon the wall
    Love grows ever strong.

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  6. Together

    Haiku About Spending Time With The One You Love

    You and me alone
    Madness of world locked away
    Peace and quiet reigns

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  7. Let Me

    I Will Take Care Of You

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    Let me take care of your broken heart
    and show you how to fly.
    Let me hold you gently by the hand
    and kiss your tears goodbye.

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    Love is the true inspirational force. It motivates, encourages and strengthens the resolve to achieve the achievable. True love neither expects nor demands anything in lieu. It only believes...

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  8. Silence Is Golden

    The Simple Things I Love About You

    It is not your conversation
    That keeps me entertained
    But rather the way you look at me
    That makes me feel sustained

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    I am not a poet or even remotely related to poetry. I just want to write a poem for my girlfriend and surprise her on her birthday and I came here to understand how it works. I wanted to...

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  10. What She Is To Me

    Her Beauty

    Look at the beauty in her eyes,
    a glow that shines like the sunrise.
    Her smile opens up the cloudy skies,
    her laughter delights butterflies.

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    Forever you will remain in my heart, falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I compose this from my heart, I want to write how you made me feel great....

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  11. The Music Of Love

    • By Inviron
    • Published: August 2015
    Poem About The Harmony Of Two People In Love

    Our song of love is pure and fair
    All hurt the music can repair
    As heaven comes to us on earth
    And makes us one in our rebirth

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  12. If I Thought

    Poem About The Love I Have For My Best Friend

    If I thought for just one moment that this would be my last breath,
    I'd tell you I'll love you forever, even beyond death.
    If I thought for just one moment that your face would be the last I'd see,
    I'd take a million pictures and save them just for me.

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    I have stage 4 breast cancer. My husband and I will be married 20 years next April. I cannot share this poem with him yet. In our situation it would be too difficult for now. I am still doing...

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  13. I Imagine

    • By Apurva
    • Published: January 2015
    Poem About Thinking Of Time With Lover

    I imagine.
    When I do,
    I can only think of you.
    How your smile spreads to your eyes,

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    The poem is very sweet. I like it. I imagine myself in love with a girl I met online. I imagine her smile when I send her a message. I imagine us together in love, built on trust from long...

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