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  1. Have You Ever Met Someone...

    • By Jason J. Beaton
    • Published: September 2016

    Have you ever met someone you think about
    every night and every day,
    someone so beautiful it's breathtaking
    and words just aren't enough to say?

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    Loving you....

    The first time I saw you
    I didn't really like you
    For the reason that
    I am afraid to love you.

    But the more I know you,
    The more I love you.
    For this is all I...

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  3. Holly

    Poem About The Perfect Woman

    Her beauty is that of a million diamonds glittering in the sun
    Each reflecting its own ray of light making brilliant patterns
    The angels gasp in the wake of her presence
    She in herself being a masterpiece of God's work...

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    He was trying to show his love. He didn't know how, so he went to google and asked for help. Just be grateful that there is still good men the world today.

  4. When I Am With Her

    • By Richard Giron
    • Published: November 2007
    Poem About What It Means To Love

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    When I am without her,
    the sun doesn't shine as brightly.
    When I am without her,
    the clouds are dark and foreboding.

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    I met her in med school. She is called Mariam. She is so amazing, and being with her is the most beautiful thing in my life. Her smile makes me feel heaven is for real. I am gland to say I...

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  6. When Your Hero Falls From Grace

    • By Cara
    • Published: January 2014
    I Am Here For You Poem

    Once protected you felt so safe
    Now everything you knew means nothing;
    I see the fear in your face
    What are you to do...

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    Your poems changed the way that my soon to be wife and I lived. I made copies and sent them to her. I want to thank your website for helping me.

  7. To You From Me

    A Love Poem

    My mind is longing for love,
    A love my heart just found.
    Words will not describe
    The emotions I feel inside

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    I have a tendency of not communicating with my girlfriend on weekends and that led to a huge fight and she is now angry and not talking to me. She is in Jo'burg and I'm in Cape Town.

  8. The Way I Love You

    • By Stephen Osei Acheampong
    • Published: October 2009

    The way l love you
    I never really know how you feel
    I can't read your mind
    I just keep waiting...

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    This is an attractive poem...really this conveys the feeling before proposing a girl, but the poet must not mention "first love"..

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  10. Forever Ruthie Cee

    • By Richard Sione
    • Published: November 2016
    I Want To Be The One

    Anyone can tell you they love you.
    Anyone can flatter you and tell you you're beautiful.
    Anyone can make you smile and happy.
    Anyone can promise you the world

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  11. The Love For Sarina

    • By Michael Navarro
    • Published: August 2009
    Love Poem To Her Before Leaving

    My love for you runs so deep,
    It is hard for me to even sleep.

    Every time I see your eye,...

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    I'm in love with a girl I've known for a few years, but I've only really gotten to know her recently. It has been the happiest 10 months or so I've ever had. It's too bad she doesn't feel the...

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  12. So There's This Girl!

    • By Hunter Mcmurray
    • Published: October 2009

    So there's this girl,
    not just any girl,
    The only girl for me,
    She tears when I cry,...

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  13. Just A Glance And There You Were

    • By Peter
    • Published: April 2011

    just a glance, a look and there you were,
    for me to have, to choose, to care
    for life is nothing with no dare.
    it's boring when it's all care,...

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