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  1. Ode To Wyoming

    • By Mackenzie T. Shuffield
    • Published: August 2016
    Poem About Wild Wyoming

    The sky lay vast,
    Contrasted by the rolling hills.
    Tumbleweeds bump against the skyline,
    Long grasses dance in the wind,

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  3. Omnipresent Paradise

    • By Daniel Shepherd
    • Published: August 2016
    Beauty To Behold

    Irregular at every post,
    Every ridge and every fold,
    The contour of every coast,
    There is beauty to behold.

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  4. On The Wings Of A Song

    Poem About Nature's Music Lifting Spirits

    Once in a while, if you are feeling blue,
    When troubles seem to keep coming along,
    If you will take the time to listen to music
    It can lift your spirits on the wings of a song.

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    It's very true. Nicely penned. Simple and clear expressions.

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  6. Sounds Of Nature

    • By John F. Malomo
    • Published: June 2016
    Poem About The Music In Nature

    When the day becomes the night and the moon begins to glow,
    The ocean waves will sing a song nobody knows.

    As the mountains peak up high and the trees begin to shake,

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    When I couldn't find anything for a project, I came to this website and searched poems and found this...great poem.

  7. The Wind's Grand Opus

    Poem About The Wind's Music

    The wind whispers to the waiting trees,
    A special summons to rouse their spirit;
    Strumming their branches with a breeze,
    And swirling the leaves to add some merit,

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    Thank you for sharing this poem with all of us. My family recently lost my father-in-law. He was battling cancer and in his last few hours, I decided to read some poems to comfort him along...

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  8. Wind On The Hill

    No one can tell me,
    Nobody knows,
    Where the wind comes from,
    Where the wind goes.

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    Yes, I absolutely love this poem. It just reads so beautifully and really grabs you as soon as you begin to read it. I just love anything that describes nature and weather and makes a person...

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  10. I Long For The Wild

    • By Casey Hatfield
    • Published: December 2015
    Poem About My Longing For Nature

    I long for the wild
    To feel the wind upon my skin like a thousand soft kisses,
    it's fingers through my hair like a passionate lover.
    I long for the wild

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    We owned a 3 season cottage many years ago. It sat halfway down a steep hill. Behind were the woods with hickory and oak. In front was a long grassy slope that edged the lake. Facing west as...

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  11. The Tornado

    • By Megan W
    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About The Destruction Of A Tornado

    There is no stopping it.

    The sky is falling to the earth,
    Like snow in its beauty

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  12. The Lonely Bird

    Poem About The Joy People Find In Life And Change

    In a park whither an elderly man once went
    was a bird with a voice so wonderful much money would he have spent
    just to hear that melodic bird sing
    and listen to its voice, with that majestic ring.

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  13. I Love A Lonely Winding Road

    I love a lonely winding road
    That takes me where I cannot see
    Until each softly rounded hill
    Reveals its landscaped mystery.

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    This is a beautifully well-structured poem. I love the rhyming scheme and appropriate choice of words that really evoke for me the wonders of nature. Also, the poem invites the reader to go...

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