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  1. Mother Nature


    Our world is always changing,
    Constantly rearranging.
    From ocean depths to mountain peaks,
    Mother Nature moves and speaks.

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    A stern warning by the poet that we all need to respond to and act accordingly.

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  3. Nature Speaks

    • By Dionie B. Fernandez
    • Published: April 13, 2019
    Nature Acrostic Poem

    Nature paints the waters blue and the mountains green,
    As the music of swaying trees and roaming beasts reign.
    Touching human hearts in breathtakingly amazing scenes.
    Under the blue sky, God's conditional love is evidently seen.

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  4. A Shadow From Before

    Plea To Learn From Our Past

    Standing on the ocean shore
    Waves rushing through my toes
    Images run across my mind
    From the days of long ago

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  6. I Am Dying

    • By Marie Negus
    • Published: May 2008

    I am the Earth,
    Mother of them all.
    I'm getting hotter and hotter each day.
    I just want to lay and rest.

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    This is so beautiful! I love how much anger you can fit into one little poem! :)Love It!!!! :D

  7. The Enigma Of A Forest

    • By Gabriel Gustafsson
    • Published: June 14, 2018
    Poem About The Mysteries Of Forests

    It's a place where things grow and prosper,
    equally as bright as it is dark,
    like a fiery horizon with its noble posture,
    without an ending nor a start.

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  8. Voices Of A Tree

    • By A Krishan
    • Published: March 2013
    Tree Poem

    As the sun's rays begin to fade,
    people enter the houses that have been made
    by the sacrifice of the fellow trees...now silent,
    to serve those humans whose thoughts resemble those of a tyrant.

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    I am a student of class 10 and I think it's am amazing idea how a tree explains its feelings so it's great. And helped me a lot thanks.

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  10. I Was Dreaming!

    • By Surega Rajan
    • Published: April 2009
    Poem About Wanting A Perfect Environment

    It was beautiful.
    It was green and clean.
    The smell of fresh air,
    The sound of the river flowing,

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    This poem is just how I feel about climate change. It's beautiful. Thanks.

  11. A Tree

    • By Poorvi Anchalia
    • Published: July 2015
    Poem Comparing Life Stages To A Tree

    I enter the earth as a small plant
    Tiny and helpless like an infant
    Then I grow up and become as active
    As a school child

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  12. Baking A Forest

    Helping Nature Like Baking A Cake

    Sprinkle a few seeds on the cupcake,
    add a few bushes, pines, and red woods for health's sake.
    Let the twigs fall, don't clean up the leaves,
    for if we do nature would not be pleased.

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    The sisters at St Clara's Orphanage made a great impact on my life, I was brought there in 1941 at the age of six. I was born with two genetic defects. eye sight and hearing. Sister Gloria...

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  13. Wind Is Anywhere

    Poem About Wind

    The wind, it moves in wondrous ways.
    Through the tree branches it blows and it sways.
    It takes all the leaves and flies them so high.
    Then briefly it lets go and they fall from the sky.

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