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If there is no suitable category for your poem, please place your poem in this category. Believe it or not we have not thought of every possible subject. If we have not created a category for the subject that you have written about, take is as complement to your ingenuity. Eventually when your poem is reviewed, we will be able to assess if it belongs in a previously created category or if there is a need to create a new one.


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  1. The Magic

    Importance Of Writing

    Have you ever had the feeling
    You were meant for something great?
    But you just couldn't find it.
    Maybe it could be too late.

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  3. The Old Fella Out At Buck Creek

    • By Gordon B. Melton
    • Published: April 2008

    There is an old fella out at Buck Creek
    He's a little hard of hearing so be loud when you speak
    He's lived many years and has seen many things
    He's as good as an Angel but without the wings

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  4. The Con And The Conned

    • By Trent Vonich
    • Published: August 2008

    The Con and the Conned
    The greatest schemes go unseen,
    Hidden behind a deceitful smokescreen,
    They wait,...

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  6. Ranch Of Memories

    • By Atusa S. Hangafarin
    • Published: February 2006
    Remembering A Childhood Favorite Place

    My feet pressed against the dusty roads
    The cool breeze skimmed my face
    The air's fragrance, a mixture of fruit and flowers, traveled through my nose
    Down the slopes I would race

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  7. The Love Of Poetry

    I love writing poetry
    So the words all rhyme,
    It's like music to my ears
    It just takes a little time....

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  8. Clouds

    • By Corey Howden
    • Published: March 2008
    Dreaming In The Clouds

    Clouds are big white fluffy pillows that make me dream.
    when I'm in heaven that's where I'll sleep.
    clouds are filled with happy things
    such as ice cream cones and funny things....

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  10. Are We Insane

    The earth is stained with human anguish,
    By such infamous deeds we can't dismiss,
    Why should we all die in terrible torment,
    Or be stuck down at any unjust moment....

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  11. The Voices Inside

    • By Leah Robinson
    • Published: March 2008

    You're away in your dreams,
    You're at peace far away,
    Don't you just think that?
    Maybe you could stay,...

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    Latest Shared Story

    I like the way you write. You write so dark I happen to write the same way. a lot of people don't understand why I write so sad but that's my best writing. So I guess I'm saying keep writing...

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  12. A Drinking Song

    A Drinking Song By Sir George Etherege

    The pleasures of Love and the joys of good Wine,
    To perfect our happiness, wisely we join!

    We, to Beauty, all day.

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