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  1. 21. Is It Worth The Pain?

    • By Caity
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2013

    I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years. I was only 17 and he was 28 when we started dating. I was still stupid and partying and started using drugs. I lied to him and really hurt him, and he became physically abusive. We love each other and decided to work on it, and we now have a baby together. But he still cannot get over the past, and it's gotten to the point where I feel trampled all over and tired of trying...I love him and I know he loves me, but should it be this hard?

    Saying you loved me, with that look in your eye.
    I wish I could say it was a cold-hearted lie.
    I know that you love me, I know that you care,
    But the rage inside you slowly flared.
    I admit I've made mistakes, overstepping the boundaries,
    Which made me look fake.
    I always said I would never do the things I did,
    And I know that's why it's so hard for you to forgive.
    So many times we've said that we'd try,
    Just to turn around and make each other cry.
    Remember how it was when we first started out?
    We fell so hard, maybe fell in love too soon.
    At one point you'd notice ONLY me in the room.
    We both did things we can't undo;
    Now it seems our relationship is headed for doom,
    And not that long ago, I was EVERYTHING to you.
    Now you're looking for other things to "do."
    I admit my mistakes, but can you admit yours?
    I have paid for what I have done, as you've paid for yours.
    So why is it like this? Why can't we even talk?
    You call me names and act like you don't care,
    All a while, our love for each other is still there.
    I never meant to hurt you or cause you any pain,
    I know neither of us want to go through this same old stuff again.
    I owe you so much, and I have so much to prove to you,
    But you continue to do things you wouldn't want me to do.
    We always have these tears to cry,
    And are left with all these wondering questions of why?
    Why can't we get past the past? You think I expect too much too fast,
    But don't you want to become whole at last?
    Why won't you at least try to believe me, instead of pushing me further away?
    I have these emotions, I wish you could see,
    Sometimes I get really upset, 'cause I feel you don't understand me
    Will you ever love me like you USED to? Show me the love that I ONCE knew?
    The love that we both grew,
    When will you see? I'm starting to feel like I hardly know you anymore?
    When can we go back to how it was before?
    Will we still hurt if we heal? Or by that time, will we still feel?
    My dream of US does not look like it's coming true.
    All I feel is sad and blue,
    And I know you're looking for other things to "do."
    You're sick of me and want something new.

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  2. 22. Why Doesn't He Love Me Back

    • By Jaleesah
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2013

    I love this boy who I have been in love with since I laid eyes on him, but he's too scared to love me back. I wrote this poem about him and how he makes me feel.

    Heart pounding
    To those light brown eyes,

    Racing to the beat of the drums,
    In my imagination.

    Warm feelings rising for him,
    Butterflies and knots in my stomach.

    My eyes meet his,
    Our hands touch,
    Then our lips,
    We are no longer on earth.

    Two hearts, one love,
    I put my heart all out.
    Only he knows what to do with it,
    Take it and love it,

    Lovebirds we'll become,
    Love has to come first,
    Dreaming that soon lovers we'll be,

    I'm awake now,
    It was just a dream,
    Dreaming about the love I have for him,
    The love he doesn't have for me,

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    I've always been shy. I have trouble talking to people, and I'm not really super close or comfortable with any guys, so I'm extra awkward around them. I have a lot of anxiety and depression,...

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  3. 23. My Lonely Show

    • By Yvonne Houde
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2012

    I was in a very abusive marriage, lucky to have survived it. Over the span of 20 years, I had been abandoned on a mountain while pregnant, had a gun held to my head, had my nose, ribs and ankle broken and was raped. I wrote this poem after my ankle was broken. I was a well known and respected community member. I was ashamed of what I was going through and spent years trying to change myself to try to prevent the abuse. I don't resemble that broken woman anymore and I have found my voice.

    A little bit angry through the years,
    A whole lot lonely through my tears.
    A wonderful person the people said.
    While I cry alone in bed.

    Don't worry, I'll let you be,
    Your secret is safe, alone with me.
    My life is a lonely show,
    I'll never let anyone know.

    The sorrow and pain and lonely tears,
    have been safe with me all these years.
    I am the person people phone,
    when THEY feel all alone.

    Don't worry, your secret is mine,
    I'm too embarrassed all the time.
    You're angry with me again,
    I don't know why, that's insane!

    If anyone knew I would curl up and die,
    I let people think I am only shy.
    You're angry with me all the time.....
    I don't want anyone to know, so you are fine.

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    I have gone through abuse from someone I loved. Verbal, emotional and physical. I still continue to go through abuse even if it's not physical I'm 5 months pregnant with our second child and...

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  4. 24. You "Said"

    • By Kaitlin Camp
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2011

    Hey, everyone. This is just a little something that might happen to one of y'all. I just want y'all to be careful and watch out for yourself. Guys can know. (: This is what happened to me, so I don't want it happening to you...

    Lying, Cheating Thief

    You said you loved me,
    You said you cared,
    But you cannot see
    All this pain that I have endured.

    I feel as if you're lying
    And cannot stop my crying.
    What did I do to deserve all this pain,
    all this pain that I cannot sustain...

    You say you've change,
    But all you're referring to
    Is that thing in your pants
    That you cannot contain.

    You call yourself a "player,"
    You call yourself a "beast,"
    But all I see standing in front of me
    Is a lying, cheating thief.

    You stole my heart,
    You took my pride
    And threw it all back in my face
    With no surprise.

    Now I see that you never loved me...
    And that you've always loved her..
    Now I see..
    As these painful tears stream down my face,
    That I was never in your heart...
    You never loved me...

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  5. 25. Your Path, My Heartbreak

    • By Chantal Vincent
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    I was in love with someone who chose someone else over me.

    You are blinded by shame
    For all you have done
    It hurts me so bad
    That I was never number one.

    I understand your pain
    Or at least say that I do.
    But really, inside,
    I am just as lost as you.

    You understand my pain
    Or at least you claim that you do.
    But how can you understand something
    That you have never been through.

    I try to accept your reasoning
    Though my heart breaks in half
    I know who is more important
    You chose the right path

    Still I can't grasp this concept
    Of you being gone
    My feelings never die
    I know this is wrong.

    I say that I'd do anything for you
    That's a promise I can no longer make
    Loving you is inevitable
    It's something that I can't fake.

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  6. 26. Living Again

    • By Tina Manning Harding
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    My absolute first love. You can never forget, but hopefully you can find a way to move on and still carry those good memories.

    Running, running
    far away.
    Escaping dreams
    of yesterday.
    Faster, faster
    there I go.
    Forgetting things
    you'll never know.
    Dying, dying
    deep inside.
    Find a place
    for me to hide.
    Catching, catching
    up with me.
    No more running
    from reality.
    Stopping, stopping
    let me cry.
    Finding a way
    to say goodbye.

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    I love reading hurt poems, and I write music about hurt. The worst pain I had was a few weeks ago when I received a heart retching text from my boyfriend saying I was too complicated for him...

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  7. 27. Never Be True

    • By Shianne
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    I wrote this poem when I was really sad.

    You don't mean what you say and don't mean what you do
    You don't mean anything because it's not true
    You broke my fall and stole my heart
    And already damaged, you let it fall apart
    The tears I cry now fall with my misery
    Once covered up, now for the world to see
    Who I really am inside
    For all to see rules to which I don't abide
    The circumstances in which reality shall fade
    The unwanted feelings your lies have made
    The shame when I realized you gained my trust
    The truth fading as the dust
    Slips through my fingers grain by grain
    My heart's not only torn but slain
    As shards of glass fall from the sky
    Tears of blood fall from my eye
    Your words crawled across my skin
    And I forget what I don't believe in
    My heart pounds as I lift my head
    Dare to enter where no one has tread
    And I looked deep into your eyes
    Found the source of all your lies
    And even though I know they'll never be true
    With all my heart, I'll continue loving you

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    Me and my ex had been together for two years when it all fell apart. We met on new years at a party and had an instant connection after one dance. We exchanged numbers and saw each other...

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  8. 28. Love Vs. Heartbreak

    • By Kaylee
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    I tried to end my life but survived to tell my story. I fell in love when I was 18 with my first everything. I was there for him through his drug problem. We got engaged after three years, only for him to abuse me sexually, mentally and physically. I was tortured, beaten with chains. I was taken by force while he licked my tears. I was cheated on; he let the girl he slept with wear my ring before I got to see it. I now have a better man.

    Those moments when you unknowingly give your heart to the one you love.
    The feeling of butterflies in the very pit of your stomach when they ease into your mind.
    The smile which graces upon the world, reaching your eyes when they are near.
    The special glow you cast for all to see, which brightens with their gentle touch.
    The warmth and protection you snuggle closer to in their arms.
    The places you lay memories; as you share every moment together.
    The all out joy you give one another to make sure you are pleased evenly.
    The nights you laugh as random things, just to see a smile.
    The days you could watch TV, not speaking a word; yet the comfort of the other is near.
    The holidays you brand with a toast of wine, over candle light.
    The three words you utter occasionally, making time stand still.
    To never feeling alone because one heart beats for the other.
    The time when tears only fall when forever is placed on a finger.
    The dreams you share; to bid a future that harness true love.

    That is Love.


    The anxiety that something is wrong, when words are no longer enough.
    The harsh words that leave the mouth, scarring the butterflies away.
    The end of smiles as frowns and lines of worry are born.
    The glow that dies into depression as skin turns pale; eyes lose their shine.
    The cold of their back as they sleep facing away and far from you.
    The separation they want, time alone to search new memories.
    The gifts which ends, because the care is no longer there.
    The nights you spend in completely different rooms contemplating reasons.
    The days watching TV on the floor as the other is on the bed browsing the computer.
    The holidays spent away, at families; wondering what the other is doing.
    Those lovely three words die; reborn into three different words.
    The heartbeat which once was strong, beating painfully slow each night.
    The time tears fall for no reason through the days unknowingly.
    The nightmares that plague you, until you become ill.

    That is Heartbreak

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    I fall in love without knowing that one day she will leave me back even without a word saying "I am leaving you behind". Now with me the only thing left is the sad and painful memories of my...

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  9. 29. When You Know The End Is Near

    • By Ronnie Catron
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2011

    I wrote this when I thought my marriage was over. I hope I am wrong and that it will endure 'til the end of time.

    It is hard to imagine life without you in it.
    The dreams that we shared are now just painful things.
    When you realize that no matter what you do,
    No matter what you try,
    The end is here.

    The nights are not the same,
    And the days are long.
    When I think about all the good times we shared,
    It is hard to imagine not being there with you in the end.

    Maybe someday I will let go of it all,
    Think about something else for a change.
    Right now all I think about is you.

    I have lost my best friend,
    The person I want to share everything with.
    You have been the person I turn to in a time of need.
    Now I must do it on my own.

    The love I have for you is one that will never end.
    It is something I believed and trusted in.
    No matter what happens between us,
    No matter how much time passes between us,
    Please remember that I will love you 'til the end.

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  10. 30. Love Hurts

    • By Unknown
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2010

    He was the love of my life. I felt like I was going to die. I told my friends about the break up, and the only thing they could say was, "Love hurts," but it's way deeper than that...

    Everyone says that love hurts,
    But that's not true.
    Loneliness hurts.
    Rejection hurts.
    Everyone confuses these things with love.
    But in reality love is the only thing in the world
    That covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again.

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    It will be OK. I'm kind of in that situation right now.

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  11. 31. She

    • By Kirstie Dorgan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010

    I wrote this for my friend who was having a bad time. It's quite a few years old and I am happy to say that they got it sorted!!!

    Playing Games With A Girl Who Can't Say No

    She's a girl and he's a guy
    why they're together, I don't know why
    she is caring, loving, honest and true
    he is mean, nasty, selfish and cruel

    she takes the bulk of all the crap
    wanting what they had
    keeping on taking him back

    he likes to keep her way down there
    to build him up, he doesn't care
    she wonders how he can be so mean
    she sees the side no one else has seen

    he plays games with her state of mind
    asks questions-answers
    she finds so hard to find

    makes her feel worthless and alone
    lots of bad habits she thought he'd outgrown

    nothing will change till she finally lets go
    hard for a girl who can't say no
    to this guy who makes her feel so low

    she's got spirit, guts and life
    why does she go through all of this strife?

    she is a beautiful girl and he's just a guy
    everyday she wonders why...
    she can't let go-only she knows.

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    My friends say I'm in an abusive relationship. I'm not quite sure if I believe them or if I think they are just overreacting. People say the same things to me that are in this poem and it...

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  12. 32. I Want To

    I want to write about how you make me feel,
    How every time I see your face I know that you're real.
    I can't describe the feeling you always raise in me.
    I can't describe this wash of happiness that you seem to bring,
    But I want to write about it; I want to write about you.

    I want to write about that day we shared,
    How every time you would laugh it would linger in the air.
    I can't describe the loving look in your eyes.
    I can't describe the reason why you won't say, "Goodbye."
    But I want to write about it; I want to write about you.

    I want to write about all our memories, all our stories, and adventures,
    How we conquered them together,
    But I can't describe the paths we took.
    I can't describe the sense of security I felt in that one look.
    But I want to; I want to write about you.

    I want to write about us,
    How everything felt was true love, not lust,
    But I can't describe anything without you.
    I can't describe all our hopes and dreams,
    How everything that was so perfect left in a fleet of screams.

    I want to write,
    But I can't explain how our plans got so disarrayed,
    How God just had to take you away.
    I can't describe this sudden feeling I have to be by your side,
    How even through death I have to hide all that I feel inside.

    I want to write, but I forget how to describe what is meant.
    I want to write about you, but I can't.
    I can't describe the feeling of lost, the feeling of what it all cost
    Or of the silent screams, the lovely dreams with just you and me,
    But I want to.

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    What hurts more than losing someone is knowing you'll lose yourself. You know the only problem with that statement is that when a person knows they will lose someone they try to gain them...

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  13. 33. Warm Embrace

    I am a single mother to two wonderful boys. I have been divorced for over a year. I want to feel loved again and feel like I'm somebody again. I'm missing that special someone.

    How I yearn for his warm embrace
    Tears fall down my face
    Can you see in my eyes
    How much I hate our goodbyes
    I think about you all the time
    I know in the end we will be just fine.
    Touch me..Love with me
    the way we are supposed to be
    I've always wanted to be with you
    and do the things that lovers do
    Tell me you want to be with me
    and that we were meant to be
    Precious pain go away
    Please don't come back another day
    Dreaming of you
    is all I do
    This fire I feel...sparks...heat ...exotic...burning inside
    My feelings for you I cannot hide
    wishing..hoping....yearning..wanting..needing you near
    Oh God, can you tell how much I want you, dear
    I can't pretend anymore
    It's you...whom I adore
    It's you whom I've been longing for
    I just want to give you my heart
    and I never want us to be apart
    In the moonlight I wish on the stars that you were here
    instead of being there.
    One day I will feel your warm embrace
    and no more tears will fall down from my face.

    Warm Embrace

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    Beautiful poem. I love poems, and this one is for sure well spoken.

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  14. 34. Reality Check

    Poem About A Relationship Falling Apart

    Married, we were
    As young as 17
    Lovers, we were
    At least at heart

    Home, we built
    Of wood and concrete
    Walls, we built
    Of hatred and lust

    Family, we became
    With child after child
    Strangers, we became
    With lie after lie

    Fighting, it began
    For days on end
    Hurting, it began
    For love to end

    Divorce, it is
    God's marriage had ceased
    Reality, it is
    God save us please

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  15. 35. Not Worth The Pain

    • By Ashley Brewer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    I'm Ashley, and I am 15. This poem is to my ex-boyfriend. He was my very first true love, and I miss him terribly. I am still trying to get over him, but I know that it is going to take a very long time.. :/

    If I could have stayed just a little longer, where would we be?
    Every night I dream, and you're part of my little scheme.
    I miss you oh, so badly, and you don't even care.
    I am trying to move on, but my heart is still all torn apart.
    How could you just leave me all alone in the dark?
    Now it feels like my whole world is falling apart.
    My friends says that you're not worth the pain,
    But my heart is still in vain.
    I think about you 24/7, and I wonder if you are thinking of me too.
    I doubt it, though.
    You have no idea what you are putting me through.
    I love you, and I know the love we once shared was true.
    Every night you would call and you would make me laugh.
    I miss holding hands and all the kisses we had,
    And still you beg me for a hug every time it's time to say goodbye.
    You're not worth the pain.
    But yet I still love you.
    Why can't I get over you?
    The sky was once blue; now you're falling through.
    You don't call anymore, and I am only good to you when I'm around.
    You were my first for a lot of things, and I want you to be my last.
    I love you.
    I'm sorry, but my heart is all in vain.
    But you're still not worth the pain.

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  16. 36. I Need My Friend Back

    • By April
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009

    Wrote this after a breakup... ~TEAR~ SADDEN~

    Who are you?
    Where is the guy that I once knew?
    Where did my friend go
    and when is he coming back?

    I miss him like a drought
    misses the rain
    I need him as the lighting is running
    through my brain
    I want him to know I love him
    with every beat of my heart

    I need him here when I'm alone
    in the dark
    I need his hand to help me up
    when I fall

    I want him to touch me once again
    and look within my eyes,
    So I know he cares

    I need his gentle and tender touch back
    I need it to fulfill my day
    But most of all I need my friend back
    A friend who managed to make me smile
    A friend that went away

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    This reminds me of my husband. He's never been an easy person to live with, but his love and charismatic personality was always great. After his mother passed, he became colder, meaner, more...

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  17. 37. Lost

    • By Shelli
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2009

    Poem about being confused by breakup.

    I thought it was a dream; I thought it wasn't real,
    But pain really hurts and it's really how I feel.
    Memories keep coming back, and so do all of the tears.
    I hear your voice, and as quick as the smile came, it quickly disappears.
    I don't know what is happening, because you always held my hand.

    You said you would never let go; that is what I don't understand.
    So many promises you made, and more of them broken.
    Lost and confused, feels like I'm choking.
    A lot of things I did not say;
    Now I can't find my way.

    I feel like a boomerang; you throw me but not only that.
    Every time you throw me, I always seem to come back.
    Back to you, back to pain.
    Nothing has changed, you're still the same.

    I cannot start over because I don't know where to start.
    I guess that is what happens when someone breaks your heart.
    If we are supposed to follow our dreams, why can't I follow you?
    Because now I am so lost, I wish you were lost without me too.

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    I got my first proposal on January 1, 2013, when I was almost 12 years old. The boy who proposed to me was eight years elder to me. He proposed me in a very cinematic way-in the middle of the...

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  18. 38. Or Is It Just Me?

    • By Sarah
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2009

    My baby's dad and I are not together. We don't ever see each other and never talk. He's never met his 5 month old son..but 1 day. I don't see a father-son relationship coming soon.

    He's Never Met His Son

    We met at Wal-Mart
    I needed formula
    I had to ask him
    I had no money
    You should have seen it
    The way he looked at me
    Those eyes
    Piercing me
    My heart
    It made me think about what was
    What could have been
    He can see through my front
    He knows I still care
    I still have love
    In his eyes I could see
    Somewhere behind that
    Thug want to-be
    He still cares
    It hurt
    It was the first time
    The way he held him
    Looked so right
    It came to an end
    We went our separate ways
    It's been a day
    Was it really that simple
    To just walk away
    I'm not going to call or text
    I'm done trying
    If it was that simple
    There's nothing more
    I can do
    Or say

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  19. 39. The Hardest Thing I'll Ever Do

    This poem is about a guy I dated for 3 1/2 years. We broke up because he said he didn't want to break my heart, but he did when we broke up. I moved away with my mother after this, and 4 years after we broke up, I got my license and decided I would go see him. We started talking again and he told me all these lies about how he wanted to be with me. After 4 months, he went back to his ex-girlfriend, and once again left me with a broken heart and alone.

    Poem About Needing To Move On

    The hardest thing I'll ever do
    Is let go of you
    And look forward instead of back at my past.
    I wonder how long this broken heart will last.
    I guess everything you ever said was a lie,
    So I'm going to move forward, or at least I'm going to try.
    How many times can a heart crack before it shatters?
    Or does it even matter?
    I've sat and cried over you way too much,
    Just wishing one more time I could feel your touch.
    But you don't care, and neither should I.
    So I'm going to move on, or at least I'm going to try.

    Poem About Needing To Move On, The Hardest Thing I'll Ever Do

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    How foolish I was for letting him come back into my life. I have been with him for half a year, and everything was going well till we started losing connection. I made promises to him like,...

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  20. 40. Sitting

    • By Dana
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    When me and my boyfriend broke up

    Poem About A Breakup

    Sitting in silence is the greatest virtue
    Sitting in the dark is like no one cares enough to turn the light back on in your life
    Sitting with the music blasting is like trying to drown out every problem you have
    Sitting in the bathtub crying is like a suicide not yet planned
    Sitting with all the lights on is like trying to forget the dark times
    Sitting with the blade to your wrist seems like you were a failure
    Sitting with the gun put to your head is like saying he broke my heart one too many times
    But sitting next to you
    Is like a hundred pieces of broken glass stabbing you in the heart
    It's hard not to forget how I loved you and how you hurt me
    It's hard to say you're not mine anymore
    But the hardest is getting through the day knowing I won't get a call from you
    But for some reason I still wait for your call
    Sitting in silence is the greatest virtue
    But sitting next to you is like glass

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    When I broke up with my boyfriend I wanted to end my life. I saw no reason to breathe. Memories kept on playing in my mind and voices in my head. Am I dreaming? That's the question I always...

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