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  1. Good-Bye

    Battling Alcoholism

    (Ode to Alcohol)
    The queasy feeling in my stomach
    The pounding in my head
    The only thoughts in my mind

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    I really enjoyed reading this, it made me reflect back to what I have done to my son. My life is so much better today. I have been 14 months sober from alcoholism. Thank you for letting me...

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  3. Vortex Of Anxiety

    • By Cara May
    • Published: January 2014

    Lost within the maze of my own mind,
    Swimming in circles, trying to leave it all behind,
    A mask in disguise trying to mask my demise.
    Within the truth there are no lies.

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  4. I Need Your Support

    This is my drowning,
    my teeth sinking
    into sour apples
    and I’m not hiding

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  6. Addict

    • By Rian Kays
    • Published: October 2007
    Day In The Life Of An Addict Poem

    For the rest of my life, cursed with this disease.
    For all those who suffer, we just got to believe.
    Believing in yourself is the hardest thing to do,
    so take a look in the mirror and ask do you see you?

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    Sister Evelyn,
    I’ve been clean for 23 years from crack cocaine. I’m also a born again Christian. Let me share a few recommendations. Number 1 – I know the doctors say you are dying, but that...

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  7. Addiction

    • By Darren Anderson
    • Published: March 2018
    The Web Of Addiction

    A cloud is looming overhead,
    Weighted I feel as I rise from bed.
    A need for something, whatever the fix.
    Its voice is talking, playing tricks.

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    It touched my heart. The gist of this poem is the reality of my life too. Only those who have faced this nasty phase can understand the pain of the poem and how the evil inside starts...

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  8. Addiction

    • By Jennie Nolan
    • Published: July 2015
    Poem About Addiction And Relapse

    Trapped in a repetitive cycle of wants and needs
    Slowly unraveling inside of me.
    There are many things,
    An entrapment of feelings.

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  10. I Love You Daddy

    You were born today
    A gift from God
    The blessing we waited for
    Your small fingers, your tiny toes...

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    This poem really touched me! I have 3 beautiful kids of my own and I couldn't imagine losing them. It's a cold hard reality with the world were living in. So sad

  11. The Truth About Drugs

    • By Kristy
    • Published: March 2010

    I pray for the one who uses for the first time today...They wont want to leave, they'll want more so they'll stay...

    They will do it for fun at first, or maybe even the high...They will like when they're using, they're far from being shy...

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    Wow! Well said. I have complete mercy on the unfortunate soul who picks up for the first time today.

  12. Goodbye

    • By Nathan Chance
    • Published: September 2009

    The time has come to say goodbye
    Don't be sad, and please don't cry
    The times we shared were full of fun
    When I needed someone you were the one...

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    I like this poem, reminds me of my alcohol addiction when I was young. Dependent by the age of 15, I added spirits to everything, even my food. Soon enough I became a pill junkie, and no not...

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  13. Icy Hell

    Looking forward with fear I stare.
    I face the mirror to see there.
    I've lost my family, my friends are few.
    You've controlled my life but now I'm through....

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    Tasting the soft ashes in an ashtray was my first known addiction. Innocently I remember if I could just make it to where it always was to be found I knew that taste would be waiting....

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