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  1. 21. My Hero

    • By Bonnie S. Walden
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    In this poem, a grandmother talks about her grandson's fight with Leukemia. This sickness is a warrior but so is Nicholas. Together, with all his supporters, they will beat this disease.

    My Grandson

    I did not find my hero till the sunset of my life.
    He did not come on a white horse with armor shining bright.
    He simply was born in the wee hours of the morn.
    He came to fill my life with a glorious loving light.
    He came to fight a villain the naked eye cannot see.
    He keeps it all inside him and smiles through all my fears.
    He laughs and dances as if he feels no pain.
    He does this to protect me
    So my tears will not be falling like warm summer rain.
    This is the relationship of a Grandmother and her Grandson.
    Every day we raise our armor to hold back Leukemia.
    It is a chemical warfare bound with prayers, optimism, and everlasting love.
    We will destroy the enemy and claim back our precious gift.
    My hero will climb in my arms and I will rock him to sleep.
    There is nothing greater than this moment in time.
    Thank you, LORD, for this moment is Nicholas's and mine.

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    Latest Shared Story

    My grandmother wrote this poem when we found out my little cousin Nicholas had leukemia when he was very little. Nicholas is now 14 years old and thankfully not had any signs of it returning....

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  2. 22. Shell Of A Person I Once Knew

    This poem is about losing someone without them being dead. My family has suffered a lot of loss. My father passed away suddenly in 2012 from congestive heart failure. Shortly thereafter my mother became quite ill and has never been the same. When we were growing up, my mother was extremely bubbly. She was a friend to everyone she met. She is extremely limited now. Due to her extreme illness, she does not talk much anymore. She does not communicate. She lies in her bed and listens to the TV all day long. She's no longer the mother I always knew and loved.

    Poem About Losing A Mother While She Is Alive

    You're the shell of the person I once knew.
    When I talk, I know you can hear,
    But I barely feel your spirit lingering near.

    You've given up... at least part way.
    I can't help but envision the words that you'd say
    If you weren't the shell of a person I once knew.

    You express your love for me, but that's just it.
    You'd rather I come and quietly sit.
    I wish you were more than the shell of a person I once knew.

    I love you with all of my heart and soul.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm losing control
    Because it's hard to see the shell of a person I once knew.

    My heart hurts because I know you're aching.
    Your body's there, but it's just the casing.
    It's the shell of a person I once knew.

    I don't want you to die; I'd be left here on earth,
    But passing on brings peace and rebirth.
    You'd be more than the shell of a person I once knew.

    It's your choice in the end to fight or give up.
    It's not our actions that define when or what...
    Please be more than the shell of a person I once knew.

    Release your spirit to Heavenly Father's grace.
    Only then will you see his kind, smiling face.
    No longer a shell of a person I once knew.

    You'd be free from all the worldly limitations.
    In heaven you'd be expressing exclamations,
    Freed from the shell of a person I once knew.

    You're not really the shell of a person I once knew;
    You're my mother and I love you.
    You're not a burden that I heavily have to bear;
    You're strength, inspiration, and care.
    You're kind and loving and all that I aspire to be.
    It's selfish to want to keep you here close to me.

    You get to choose how long you want to stay,
    So I'll keep on coming every day.
    I'll rub your feet and scratch your back,
    Read you your line up and help you take a bath.

    Mom, take your time, it's patience I'm learning.
    I'm developing and my soul's constantly yearning.
    Each lesson is coming... selflessness and humility.
    You're who I want to be.

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    I hear what you are saying. It hurts a lot I know. When I was born my mothers lung both collapsed and when the doctor put a tube of oxygen into her lungs, it had golden staff on it. For the...

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  3. 23. Questions?

    • By Stephoney L. Pack
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A girl talks about her feelings about her sister who is sick.

    Trying Not To Ask God Why

    I cry myself to sleep at night
    Trying not to ask God why
    I have false hope is what I've heard
    Rather than that don't say a word
    My faith is in God
    That is where I stand
    We gave her to him
    She's now in his hands
    How do I cope with what I am going through?
    Let me ask you this, what else can I do?
    I can only play the hand life deals
    I just can't imagine how Angel feels
    Should I give up and let her go?
    As long as there's hope I say NO
    Some people say It's all meant to be
    An innocent child, I don't agree
    You can tell sometimes she really feels bad
    But through out it all she's hardly ever sad
    She has a great smile that lights up your day
    For a moment or two my fears fade away
    Do I wonder what life holds in store?
    No..I just pray for another day more!

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    My sister is a addict has been since 13 and she now is 36 she out there dying. My cousin has her 1 yr old daughter and I'm just praying but its either prison or death this time .

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  4. 24. In My Heart

    • By Linda M. Capp
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2009

    This is a poem about my mother who has been in a persistent vegetative state for 19 years. There is an almost no chance that she will ever awake from this, so my life has been very hard considering she got sick when I was just about 7 years old and my older sister was my mother figure. She also named me after her and she named me right because everywhere I go they say I look just like her. They say what doesn't make you weak will make you strong. I try to believe in this

    You know I Love You, you know I do.
    I just wish you could talk to me like I talk to you.
    I know how hard you try to speak,
    but those brain cells you lost made your body so weak.
    I know you hear me and I hear you too,
    Above the stars and even the Moon.
    I hear you in my heart and even in my soul
    and I'll always make sure you have your radio.
    You loved to sing, you loved to dance
    and hopefully you'll have that 2nd Chance.
    I know your strong but still too weak,
    My Dear Mother Please Don't Weep.
    I hear you when I'm down more than any time,
    your saying "Linda, pick yourself up and hold your head up tall."
    I try so hard to live my life,
    but without you in my life it's hard I'd have to say.
    Mom I remember so much of you that it hurts to even say,
    but at least I have those few memories that I know will always stay.

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    This poem touched me as my Mum has been in a vegetative state for the last 3 years.
    I miss her so much

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  5. 25. Last Embers Verse II

    • By BGW
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 21, 2022

    Watching someone you love very much slowly drift away.

    When The End Of Life Is Near

    Each day you come and see me, I wonder who you are.
    You seem so happy to sit beside me and give away your time.
    As you tell me stories, I sit there in a dreamlike state of mind.
    I don't know if I knew you, so many memories have passed me by.

    You talk to me so much, but silence is all I can reply.
    As you hold my hand, I see the tears swell up in your eyes.
    You seem so happy to see me, yet still I make you cry.
    You sob such soft and gentle tears, but I cannot reason why.

    You talk of different places, but these four walls are all I see.
    These walls I sit and look at are all the comfort that I need.
    The walls provide safety; the life outdoors is not for me.
    My life is slow and simple, the world outside confuses me.

    Each day you're next to me, familiarity at my side.
    You offer me love and kindness, but I have no emotions left to give.
    Your face hides so much burden; I sense the end is near.
    You watch me slowly drift away, like the last embers on the fire.

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  6. 26. How A Day Changes

    • By Gordon Jackson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2017

    I wrote this poem after I was told that I have cancer. I hope the poem will give strength and hope to those who have been stricken with this terrible condition. My prayers are with each and every one of them. God bless us all.

    Courage While Diagnosed With Cancer

    It started out a nice day,
    Warm, sunny, and bright.
    But then something happened
    That turned the day into night.

    The tests are done and over,
    And all the results are in.
    Now I only have to wait
    To see if I lose or win.

    I'm sure it won't be long now
    Before the answers are heard.
    It's just a matter of time
    Before I'm given the word.

    He's coming into my room,
    In his smock so snowy white.
    Will this bright sunny day
    Become a dark, dreary night?

    I could see it in his face.
    He had no reason to speak.
    I just prayed that when he did
    I'd be strong instead of weak.

    "You have got cancer," he said,
    "And it's not good, it's stage four."
    "I'll leave you alone for now,"
    Then turned and went out the door.

    An awful thing, this cancer.
    It takes your strength and might
    And as much as you want to,
    You've got no power to fight.

    Yes, my day did turn to night.
    My greatest fear just came true.
    How much time do I have left
    Before my whole life is through?

    Will I have time to do things
    Before I reach my last day?
    Or will the good Lord above
    Want to take me right away?

    What about my family?
    How will they get on with life?
    Will my children be okay?
    What will happen to my wife?

    I'll fight to the very end,
    Hang on as long as I can.
    I won't give up that easy.
    To the end I'll be a man.

    It's going to be real hard,
    But I will fight all the way
    To turn that dark, dreary night
    Back to a bright, sunny day.

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  7. 27. Fading Away

    This poem is dedicated to the Chester and Dassie family for caring for me during this disease named Morphea of which I suffer a very rare form called- En Coup De Sabre. Thanks so much to my husband and my two boys, they help me so much! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

    Dealing With Rare Disease Of Morphea

    I'm fading away and no one seems to care
    They see the beauty inside and out
    No one really understand my pain and suffering

    Please love and show me because I'm fading away
    While I'm here, hug me like you'll never see me again.
    I need you to keep me strong, for I am tiring out fast.

    I love my family, please love me, too!
    My depression worsens each day because of this rare illness.
    My thoughts aren't always mine, because I am fading away!

    No one understands my illness and neither do I
    It's a very rare thing that needs me somehow!
    I don't want to fade away, so promise me, you'll understand and comfort me...
    then I will fade away in peace!

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  8. 28. The Greatest Loss

    This poem is about a man watching his wife fade away due to Alzheimer's Disease

    Watching A Wife Fade From Alzheimer's Disease

    When the time came again to visit her there,
    He'd feel that dark sense of despair.
    He could already picture her sweet, gentle face,
    Marred by that sad, empty stare.

    Sometimes he'd wonder just where she had gone.
    It was as if she was only a shell.
    Most of the time she'd forget who he was,
    Or she'd swear he was somebody else.

    It was torture for him to see her like this,
    Surrounded by other lost souls.
    She was gradually losing herself every day.
    There was nothing that she could control.

    Her good days grew less and her bad days grew worse.
    It was as if she had already died.
    There were days he'd be willing to tell her good-bye.
    She was existing, not living a life.

    But oh how he'd long to see her again.
    For a moment, to just catch a glimpse
    Of that wonderful woman, so special and dear,
    That dear wife he so desperately missed.

    The cruelty of life was undeniable,
    And the reality of death was a curse.
    But watching that person he adored fade away,
    For him, there had been nothing worse.

    He wanted so much just to hold her
    And together stroll down memory lane.
    But the life they once knew stopped existing for her,
    And she no longer could see him the same.

    He held on for years, ever loyal and true.
    She was still all that mattered in life.
    And despite how much farther she drifted away,
    His heart kept her always close by.

    When that last moment came, he was with her.
    He was there sitting right by her side,
    And his heart filled with joy as she looked up at him,
    And their love shined so bright in her eyes.

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    My fiance and the love of my life had passed from cancer one year ago. My heart is forever scared, but I must go on with my life and raise my four-year-old daughter.

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  9. 29. Death Comes In The Form Of Love

    I wrote this poem in the early nineties after a friend of mine died of AIDS. She contacted H.I.V. by having intercourse with a "one night stand". This was before the current medication prolonged those afflicted lives. As I was thinking about her I said to myself, "Imagine Death comes in the form of love" and wrote the poem. the lesson is you don't have to be gay or use dirty needles to contact H.I.V

    Poem About AIDS And Danger Of Sexualy Transmited Diseases

    A pretty girl meets a handsome man,
    Once upon a Saturday night.
    He takes her home and he kisses her,
    And they make love with all their might.

    Passion runs wild thru the midnight hour,
    And they're making love galore.
    But in the heat of this moment,
    Death comes knocking on the door.

    Cause death comes in the form of love,
    And it's as black as the ace of spades,
    And we should all be leery of,
    A virus that leads to Aids.

    A pretty girl in a motel room,
    She's with a very handsome man.
    He gives the girl a warm embrace,
    And a look that she understands,

    All she sees is the handsome face,
    Of this strange paramour.
    And she's too naive to ever believe,
    That death is knocking on the door.

    Cause death comes in the form of love,
    And it's as black as the ace of spades.
    And we should all be leery of,
    A virus that leads to Aids.

    A pretty girl in a waiting room,
    And she's as sick as she can be.
    Because a doctor has just told her,
    That she now has H.I.V.

    A pretty girl on her death bed,
    Just waiting on The Lord above.
    And before she dies she reminds all,
    That death comes in the form of love.

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    This poem is great. I'm sorry for your loss HIV is one of the worst ways to die keep up the good work.

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  10. 30. An Angel To Be

    • By Sebrina E. Sedillo
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    As her mother lies sick, dying, her daughter come to realize more than ever the precious human being that will soon pass away.

    My whole life has been like a maze,
    There may have been a dead end where
    I turned.
    But every time I got too close to that
    You'd help me from getting burned.
    I think I took you for granted,
    And now God has told you soon you have
    to leave.
    I told you I would change,
    You don't know who to believe.
    But my life is like a trampoline,
    I reach a high point and then I fall.
    It goes really really well,
    And then comes the brick wall.
    But I will give you something to be
    proud of,
    When you're watching from above.
    All I have right now,
    Is lots of care and lots of love.
    I may have said, I hate you,
    I didn't mean a word.
    But you never believed me,
    Only what you heard.
    You pushed me away when I needed you most,
    And that hurt me so bad.
    I felt as if you didn't want me around,
    It made me so sad.
    Not seeing you now,
    Is hard enough.
    But knowing soon you'll be gone,
    Mom it's really tough.
    But I understand why,
    God made it happen this way.
    You're one of his beautiful angels,
    He wants back one day.
    He sent you here,
    To light up this earth.
    And to show your whole family,
    What life is worth.
    You showed me that life,
    Could be a wonderful thing.
    You told me what I should do,
    And what it would bring.
    I'll miss you while you're gone,
    You'll never leave my heart.
    And from now until then,
    I promise, you're missed when we're

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    The poem about the dying mother, would apply to my grandmother, who was the only mother I ever really knew. I called her momma, when one day she asked me why I didn't call her grandma. I was...

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  11. 31. Dementia

    I am dealing with a sister who has been diagnosed with dementia. The whole experience has been scary and devastating to watch her mind deteriorate while there is so little I can do to but keep her company and help her days by doing things with her. We try to enjoy the days and we try not to dwell on what we know is inevitable. It seems I have grown closer than I was with her before, and maybe that is because I know what is yet to come.

    A Family Member With Dementia

    There are times when things seem normal again
    We laugh and talk about trivial things
    We enjoy each other's company
    But we can't deny the thought in our minds
    Unspoken words of what lingers behind
    Of knowing it will come sooner than we are ready for
    I don't know if I will be able to stand the sorrow
    Of losing you before your body goes
    And sometimes I sit and cry alone
    For it is hard to watch you slowly go....

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  12. 32. Precious Boy

    • By Kelli Schraer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A little boy is sick in the hospital and his mother prays for his recovery.

    His little eyes so sad,
    His mouth turned in a frown.
    Why does this little boy feel so bad?
    What is causing him to be down?

    His smile used to be so grand,
    But now he hangs onto life by a strand.
    He doesn't deserve this pain,
    We all have the right to complain.

    His mother stays by his side,
    As the doctors remain to reside.
    Please she cries, let him find a way out.
    Erase our faces of this doubt.

    This little boy is so precious,
    His happiness is infectious.
    His life will be so great,
    He will overcome his fearful fate.

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  13. 33. Gram

    • By Sherry A. Mockler
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Teetering on the brink of life and death, only God knows what is best.

    On The Brink Of Death

    When I see you lying there
    Fighting for every breath
    It makes me have to realize
    How close you are to death
    When I see you lying there
    And know the pain that you've been through
    I wonder and I think
    What is God going to do?
    Will He send His Angels
    To carry you away
    To give your weary heart a rest
    And take you to Gramps today?
    Will He send a miracle
    And give you back again?
    God knows just what is best
    You are in His Hands.

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  14. 34. Hush-A-By Baby, Don't Cry

    This poem is dedicated to my little brother who has been very sick since the day he was born but he knows how to 'keep moving forward.'

    Sister About Her Sick Little Brother

    He grows everyday
    And thinks 'never die'
    Life he will live his way
    Hush-a-by baby, don't cry

    Even though he's discriminated
    He never asks why
    He doesn't show he's intimidated
    Hush-a-by baby, don't cry

    The doctor's say he has limited time
    And as the years pass him by
    He becomes a relentless dime
    Hush-a-by baby, don't cry

    And as the sickness spreads
    He doesn't whine or sigh
    He isn't full of dread
    Hush-a-by baby, don't cry

    So the family, they prepare
    But they put on a mask and lie
    For maybe, maybe it will disappear
    Hush-a-by baby, don't cry

    And he says, now's my cue
    Don't cry, for I'll be in the sky
    Always watching over you
    Hush-a-by baby, don't cry

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    This poem makes me sit here and just bawl because my baby brother is very sick. I know on my heart that I am going to out live him. It kills me to admit that but it is true. But this little...

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  15. 35. Dementia

    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2015

    I wrote this poem for my husband Frank. As he followed his childhood dream to become a professional boxer, we now have to live apart. Frank now resides in long term care and I see him as much as I can. This was to be our golden years, but the outcome was not as we planned.

    Poem About The Pain Of Dementia

    Where did you come from,
    you evil one?
    I cannot remember
    that tomorrow has come.

    Why is my life such a haze?
    I stare at the walls and long for happier days.
    Friends and family gather 'round
    to ensure that my feet are firm on the ground.

    My room is so small, and there's nothing outside,
    just empty streets and nowhere to hide.
    Dementia, you have caught me and pinned me down,
    and I cannot remember why I frown.

    My wife will be here soon and we'll go for a walk,
    but wait...
    why are there tears in my eyes?

    My body is tired and I must rest my head.
    I will lay down on my bed.
    My dreams will come to me crystal clear,
    happy and joyous, with nothing to fear.

    Dementia, tomorrow you will wake me like an alarm,
    causing such grief and mental harm.
    Oh, go away you evil one.
    Let me live and remember the sun.

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    I lost my husband 6 months love my life my best friend. We shared a great 35 years but there isn't a day that's not filled with tears. I miss him so much & the nights are so long...I...

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  16. 36. In My Dreams

    A poem about a person who is sick and nobody calls to check in.

    Poem About Feeling Alone While Sick

    Despite my health,
    You opted not to call me
    Just to know if I was alright.

    When I gazed at myself,
    Sleeping helplessly in much pain,
    I wondered where your love, care and support were.

    My eyes kept starring fixedly on my cell phone,
    Thinking that it would ring,
    And I would hear your healing voice.

    Showers of tears began to flood from my red eyes
    Onto my white pillows,
    Until they were all wet.

    My mind crawled on something very special,
    Something that ever turned my heart around,
    But nothing could conquer the flame of my burning heart.

    Then I thought quickly,
    That it's only when days are dark,
    That friends are always few.

    My heart never stopped pounding the whole night;
    Until God had mercy on me,
    And miraculously laid me to rest

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