In Memory Poem

The memories of a mother putting her child to sleep last a lifetime in the memory of her child.

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A Mother's Touch


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

Lay down my little angel
I will rock you to sleep
Close your eyes my little angel,
And don't make a peep.
She holds you close or so you think;
Until you awake and her touch is a dream.

What happened to the warmth, her hands used to bring.
What happened to the mellow, her sweet voice used to sing.
What happened to the smell, her perfume left behind?
What happened to the kiss, she left on my forehead.
What happened to the prayer, she said before bed.

Was it just a dream or long, long ago?
Maybe a year or three.
I guess I will never know.

Will I ever feel her touch?
Will I ever see her smile?
Will she ever kiss my forehead?
Will she ever pray with me just before bed?

Am I her little angel or was it just a dream?
Am I her little angel or so it seemed?


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