Beauty of Nature Poem

This poem is dedicated to my parents, my friends, and my teacher.

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A New Dawn


Published: July 2008

The central time when dusk meets dawn
and the time when sun touches the lawn,
even in my heart's legacy,
I knew it was sheer ecstasy.
The enchanting time when
Pure dew covers the glen,
The snow on the mountains are blooming white,
except for a few stains by sun's bright light.
I fear it'll never be seen again:
so beautiful, the dawn, seemed a poor bargain,
the gangly reed to the river
say, "Oh, brother, ye make me quiver."
The river gurgled along,
wanting to know where it belonged,
the soft green grass busy with ants
showers down the dew in pails,
how I wish this cool and serene
mesmerizing dawn will last forever.
'Twas too good to be true
as it came out of the blue,
the central time when dusk meets dawn
and the time when the sun touches the lawn...



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