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Learning Not To Fear Death

Once I was very ill, and a nurse told me afterwards that they nearly lost me. At the time, I remember an out of body experience when I could see people working on my body. I saw soft white clouds with a strong beam of light shining through. I longed to follow the light through the clouds as I had a really strong feeling that something truly wonderful awaited me.

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A Touch Of Heaven

Ann D. Stevenson © more by Ann D. Stevenson

Published: July 6, 2022

Once I glimpsed another world,
gilded streams of light unfurled,
incandescent trails of wonder
blew my present world asunder.

A gold ethereal sphere above,
a transcendental world of love,
beckoned me, called me to stay,
so close, but I was drawn away.

A tug of human hearts and hands
brought me back to known lands,
perpetual memories in my mind,
another world so nearly mine.



I began writing when I joined a Writing for Well-being Course. It was at a difficult time, as my husband had recently been diagnosed with cancer. I discovered that I really enjoyed writing, especially poetry. I then received a further boost to my morale when Family Friends began to publish one or two of my poems. Family Friends really is an appropriate title, as it’s such a friendly site. I am retired and living in The Cotswolds in UK.

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