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Out Of Body Experience Poem

Once I was very ill, and a nurse told me afterwards that they nearly lost me. At the time, I remember an out of body experience when I could see people working on my body. I saw soft white clouds with a strong beam of light shining through. I longed to follow the light through the clouds as I had a really strong feeling that something truly wonderful awaited me.

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Thank you so much for your lovely comment - it means a great deal to me.

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A Touch Of Heaven

Ann D. Stevenson © more by Ann D. Stevenson

Published by Family Friend Poems July 6, 2022 with permission of the Author.

Once I glimpsed another world,
gilded streams of light unfurled,
incandescent trails of wonder
blew my present world asunder.

A gold ethereal sphere above,
a transcendental world of love,
beckoned me, called me to stay,
so close, but I was drawn away.

A tug of human hearts and hands
brought me back to known lands,
perpetual memories in my mind,
another world so nearly mine.



Ann D. Stevenson only began writing after she retired, when she joined a Writing for Well-Being course. It was during a difficult time, as her husband had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She found writing very therapeutic, more especially poetry. It was a real boost to her morale when Family Friend Poems began publishing her...

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What a moving poem, so vivid and real. I've never read a poem on this theme before.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment - it means a great deal to me.

I was going through the stories when I came to know about your husband. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't really imagine your grief at this time. May the Almighty give you strength to bear the irreparable loss.

Bless you - so kind and caring to send such a lovely message.

Oh Ann, I am so sorry for your loss. I can't begin to imagine what you're going through. I hope that, in time, you may be able to find some measure of solace in writing your wonderful poetry.

I loved this. Succinct and yet eloquent, this was such a pleasure to read.

Cynthia, I couldn't have asked for a better compliment from a fellow poet I really respect. I think all of your poetry is superb. Especially good to receive a boost to my moral as my husband has recently died.

Ann, You have a talent that I don't have in my poetry. You can express your message in very few words but still leave a lasting, beautiful image in the reader's mind. This is a lovely poem in its descriptions, choice of words, and sweet message. Real poetry indeed.
Pat Fleming

Bless you, Patricia, very kind comments, but I definitely feel you are the real poet. Very best wishes, Ann

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