Fall Poem

The Season Of Letting Go

Autumn is a beautiful time of year for many reasons. It's not only the stunning warm, rich colors of the maturing autumn leaves that I admire so much, but what the season symbolizes in both nature and in life. It can feel a little sorrowful, as I witness trees once vibrant and full of life becoming bare and exposed to the harsh elements of winter. The crisp falling leaves feel symbolic of the shedding of tears. They symbolize nature's way of letting go and bidding a sorrowful goodbye.

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Autumn's Cry

© more by Edel T. Copeland

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2020 with permission of the Author.

Wild winds whistle through Autumn's rustling leaves,
Trees of gold like amber flames sway softly with the rising breeze,
The cool crisp air of Autumn in the stillness of darkening skies,
Tender leaves fall gently, reflecting the tears of Autumn's cry.

The warming glow from a summer sun fades in September skies,
Sorrowful clouds of greyish blue, a display of Mother Nature's solemn goodbye,
Whimsical leaves of dark red crimson, once vibrant with the richness of life,
Delicate and circling from high above, a powerful performance of Autumnal delight.

A solitary bird soars high above, conquering winds in twilight clouds.
The haunting howl of Autumn's wail, whistling her ghoulish bemoaning sound,
As the darkness of night begins to fall, in the midst of a harvest moon,
A remorseful ripening of rituals, as the tightening grip of Autumn looms.

In the season of change and maturity, falling leaves begin to decay,
The cycle of nature within the circle of life, Mother Earth will usher the way,
As the withering bare trees stand lonesome in the shadows of silent fears,
The ravishing roars from a raucous wind extinguish the light from Autumn's lost tears.


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