Death Of Lover Poem

My Only Love, is a poem about love, death, suicide and of how one man couldn't live his life without his loved one.

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We were together for a year but joined at the hip. She overdosed at the age of 20. I came home from getting my nails done to find her wedged in a tiny space, not thinking she OD’d. I told her...

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My Only Love


Published: February 2008

I closed my eyes,
My tears rolled straight to the floor,
All I wanted was to feel something more,
I was torn inside,
That was all I felt now that she had died,

I wished I were dreaming,
But all I heard was the faint sound of her screaming,
I stood at her grave,
Knowing I would never see her again,
I just kept feeling this terrible pain,

I will never love again,
The pain is too intense,
If only I had more sense,
She would never have died,

I let her go to the beach that day,
She drowned and turned up on the bay,
I will never forgive myself,
It has totally effected my health,

I have a hole in my heart that will never be replaced,
The feeling I have felt,
Is like torture I have faced,
I can't deal with this anymore,
I'm going down to the ocean floor,
I will never come back,
I planned my own attack.

Aidan Clifford Copyright 2007 26 July 2007



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  • by Tamara Schellenberg
  • 4 months ago

We were together for a year but joined at the hip. She overdosed at the age of 20. I came home from getting my nails done to find her wedged in a tiny space, not thinking she OD’d. I told her to get up and go sleep on the bed and smacked her. When there was no reaction, I rushed over and flipped her over to find her blue and full of vomit. I screamed, and in shocked yelled for help as I wiped her face clean and began CPR. The ambulance, police, and fire department showed up and started to work on her. 45 minutes later they called her death. From that day, her family blamed me for her death and didn’t allow me to attend her service. The year we were together, not one of her family members called to see how she was (after moving 2 provinces away from them to be with me). When the police asked about her family, I had no numbers and had to post it on Facebook to get their attention because she did not approve of us. I hurt so badly.

  • by Botshelo
  • 11 months ago

We dated for three years dreaming of good future together. He started abusing me emotionally and physically because I was not supposed to ask about his different side chicks. We broke up after he nearly killed me, and it took two years for my heart to heal. I found him on debts, poverty, and misery. Two years after we broke up he got sick. I went to check him and he refused to see me. He passed away, and I can't handle this regardless of what he did to me because he did not get a chance to apologize.

  • by Tassy
  • 1 year ago

I had known him for about 6 years. I never got the chance to tell him how I always felt about him. I know in my heart that we had genuine, innocent feelings for one another. My biggest regret is not finding the time to tell him what he meant to me. He passed away two weeks ago, tragically. I still have not dealt with it properly. 'Til we meet again.

  • by Tyshila Geen
  • 2 years ago

It was very sad and I can not think of anything like this that has happened to me but I can say I feel so sorry for the person that wrote this poem. You can tell that this person went through a lot and has a very big heart and I thank this person for sharing their story on the internet because I loved it. It just shows that this person has a lot of heart but now there is a big black hole in it and I do not think it can be fixed.

  • by Nicholas, Traverse City
  • 4 years ago

I have lost my love too.... didn't have a chance to say how I felt. My best friend, the only one I had left killed them self after hearing the bad news.

  • by Bethany, Cleveland
  • 7 years ago

My boyfriend died...Well technically murdered....Someone stabbed him in the back then pushed him off of a 5 story tall building. This poem touched me because it reminds me off him..

  • by Khonzile
  • 2 years ago

I also lost my boyfriend, the father of my kids. It's been four years now. Ever since then my life changed. I became so aggressive and don't have anyone to share my feelings with so your story is so touching.

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