First Love Poem

Divorced Single Mom

I am a recently divorced 27 year old mother with three kids. Writing has helped me cope with my divorce as well as finding myself again. What we live makes us who we are.

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What Once Was Real


Published: March 2008

     Once when I looked at you
time stood still.
I could hear my heart sigh,
This love is real.
If only we had known what once was so real,
would today be gone.
  Moments of joy and happiness slowly
     began to fade, memories of only anger
     and pain made my heart grow afraid.
        How could love so strong leave two
     hearts that simply don't belong.
        So sure this love was forever, now
     only wishing this nightmare soon to be
        Only a short time has passed since
     our hearts met last,
     leaving behind only a painful past.
        With nothing left to say, all I can
     do is pray that one day I'll get the
     chance to say, the love we once shared
                   was REAL.........



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