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Well my son's 2nd father's day and it was the hardest. I wanted to watch my son be a father and what parent wouldn't. He has a special little girl and looks just like her daddy and is like him in so many ways... he would have made a great dad and I know he is her angel from now until the end of time.

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Father's Day My Son


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2014

I couldn't find the right words to write to you my son to tell you Happy Fathers Day, because 
I know you're with the greatest Father and
Nothing comes to mind..
To write something for you my son for Fathers Day
I know it will take time but all I'm doing is crying

Because when you have a part of your heart missing my son on Father's day
That you know you will never find
There was so much my son you had to show your daughter so much you had to teach her being her dad
Because you would have made your daughters world alright my son 

So I want to write and tell you how much its hurts right now
to see your daughter growing with out her Father, dad, you my son
each and every day
I want to tell her how much you loved her and appreciated her
coming in to your life my son and making you a daddy
for you my son would have been the best daddy that your baby girl could find 

And she your daughter is worth more than anyone or anything
even a million bucks to you my son but now you've gone away
Because you always wanted to be a daddy but didn't know what to say

How her big smiles for her daddy would make your heart melt
and you would say "SMILE HONEY"
And when she lost the greatest dad a baby girl could ever find
it broke my heart because she will never know her daddy

I wished every day that you my son were here to protect her and show her what a great father you could have been
But it's just not possible now and I know will never be
I could list a billion things your daughter will miss without you my son her daddy
but it breaks my heart a billion times thinking of the list

So I just wanted to say Fathers Day is hard for this mother because all I wanted to see
Was you my son be the greatest father your daughter could ever find....
I love you so so much


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