Friend Funeral Poem

For My Cousins Funeral

This I wrote for my older cousin on the eve of his funeral who committed suicide after a messy breakup with his wife he was my best friend who always made life look so bright and positive for me when I was younger and was always there for me when I was going through my Teens which was very tough time for me no matter how hard life was for him he never let it show and always had a smile for me and a hug when I needed it...... I just hope he knew that without his time and love and understanding I wouldn't be here now !!! just wished I could have done the same for him ......

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Published: September 2008

As I sleep you roam through my mind
Sweet loving best friend of mine.
I close my eyes as soon
you will be there
to hold my hand and stroke my hair.
You take away my pain and all my fears
You bring me laughter then bring me tears
I have no doubts and I'm never scared
just knowing the fact that you will soon be here
You gave me strength when I had I none
you gave me courage when the day was done
you will always be in this heart of mine
My best friend till the end of time......



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