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Farewell To My Best Friend Poem

Carol was my best friend from first grade right through our golden years. We shared many happy times, and many sad times. She was the best friend that I have ever had, and I wrote this poem for her family. I will never forget Carol - she was a wonderful friend.

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On MAY 9, 2017, around 04:00 in early hours of the morning heaven couldn't wait for Lindo. May 8th is my birthday. I celebrated it all by myself and planned that on the coming weekend Lindo...

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Farewell To Carol


Published: March 2011

Farewell my friend you're leaving
It's time for you to go
Your friendship was a blessing
And I will miss you so
We Shared so many secrets
You brightened up my days
You brought me so much happiness
With your kind and loving ways
You lifted up my spirits
When I was feeling blue
No matter what was happening
You knew just what to do
We ran between the raindrops
And walked beneath the sun
Ran barefoot in the summertime
And oh, we had such fun
Through all the ups and downs of life
The good times and the sad
From high school days to Golden years
The best friend I ever had
God is here to take you home
Now you and I must part
I love you and forever
You will live within my heart.

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  • 3 months ago

On MAY 9, 2017, around 04:00 in early hours of the morning heaven couldn't wait for Lindo. May 8th is my birthday. I celebrated it all by myself and planned that on the coming weekend Lindo will come and celebrate with me. In the morning of the 9th I was called privately and was told that Lindo was no more. It was the saddest day ever for me. I couldn't believe it. I had to go straight to his house and see his mother and just see how she was doing. But she wasn't available. I would like to say some few words about him:

Lindo was and will ever be my best friend.
I went with him in the primary school till high school
While planning to go to tertiary, God decided to take him.
He was an honest young man.
He was dedicated in whatever he did.
His future was bright and promising.
He wanted to buy himself a HUMMER H3.
I will fulfill that dream for him.
LINDO, farewell; heaven couldn't wait for you.
Your best friend, ALEX

  • by Nonhlanhla Khumalo, Soweto
  • 4 years ago

Last night, 13 November 2013, at 11pm, a register call was made in Heaven and your name my dear friend, Sibongile "Sbosh" Hlanganyane (to be Mabilisa) was on the list of those God wanted back. 16 years of the BEST of FRIENDS friendship, a lot of memories came flooding in. I would like to smile as I recall the but the reality of you being gone hits and hurts and tears come running down my cheeks. I can't think of a time when I'm not gonna miss you, on my birthdays, when I have my first baby, when I get married in every milestone recallable I'll be forever missing your sense of humor, laughter, spark and your unconditionally undying love and care. Gugu and Nqobile will miss you but I know that both you and Sandile will be looking over them all the time.

Sharp mngani. I love you.
R.I.P. Sibongile "sbosh" Hlanganyane
3 June 1988 - 13 November 2013

  • by Debbie, Florida
  • 4 years ago

Today I got a phone call from my best friends sister, when she told me that her brother my best friend had passed away in his home, I felt like the whole world had fallen out from under me, I will miss him so very much, but I know he will be waiting for me in heaven when God calls me home, I love you Dennis, keep the light on for me, love you always!!! Debbie

  • by Nigeria
  • 4 years ago

Just lost my best friend 3 days ago...Just can't still believe I'll never see you Mohammed. I'll forever miss you were a friend indeed.

  • by Casey Height
  • 4 years ago

It's Soo Sad, Got This One On Stand By :) xx

  • by Perryville, Kentucky
  • 6 years ago

June the 2nd we lost a good woman by the name of Maggie Lynn she passed away from cancer, Her son Bryan Lynn wanted to have a service for his mom, but didn't get his wish. On June the 5th we planned a memorial service for her at their home with family and friends, we laid out things that she made and things that she collected, we posted pictures of her and family and friends. We let a bunches of balloons and white roses go to represent her going home to god and when it got dark we lit candles for a moment of silence, later on that night at 12:20 I received a call that my friend couldn't wake Bryan up, we went to his house to try to help only to watch our friend our family take his last breath, he left us all behind to deal with the heartache and pain of them both being gone, He was a momma's boy and he wasn't going to let his mom make this trip by herself! Maggie May and Bryan I hope that you all are happy, we <3 and miss you very much, RIP, LOVE YOUR family you left behind!

  • by Sinead, West Bromwich
  • 6 years ago

We've just lost one of out best mates Ashley Simpson, 21 in a tragic car accident. This poem really touched me and everyone close to him that's lost him. We're all broken hearted.
R.I.P ash mate xx always be with you

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