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A story about a mother, who's very passionate and beautiful, has given birth to her first son before...This time though, more dreams have knocked on her door, made her feel more secured, confident, and strong. Everything seemed so clear; many thoughts came and went through her mind in the brightest glints. The depth of her sensation she had in those very moments, even if a little in the slightest possible way, this poetry shares that feeling. To her unborn child on behalf of her feelings.

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Greatest Gift


Published: July 2011

O' My Little Angel...

When I heard the news of you,
I was happy and I knew
All the time I kept dreaming,
Of how cute you'd be too!

Not knowing if you would be a girl or boy
I knew you would be my dearest joy
I promised and prayed to do my best
To make you happy through your quest

O' My Autumn Rose...

I dreamed of your rosy-red cheeks, I knew you would be so unique
And every kick or punch you threw, my love for you would be not few!
I spent my days dreaming of you,
So much love to wrap you around, hugs and kisses too.

I prayed and prayed all day and night,
To see a bright and shining light
Upon your sweetness and that smile,
Fills my heart with much delight

O' My Precious Gift...

I dreamed of your two little feet wiggle
Just as I pictured it to be so sweet along with that tender giggle!
Ten little fingers, ten little toes,
With adorable brown eyes and a button nose!

I love to watch you sleep at night,
In my arms, warm and cuddled up tight
And my heart beats so hard
A moment with you off my sight

O' My Greatest Blessing...

I pray so much for you to be caring and kind
Just the way your loving brother grew so great
I'll dress you in the cutest cloths I will find,
And let you taste every bit of things I'll taste!

To teach you everything I know,
Pin up your drawings and tell you, that's art
Help with your homework, watch you write ABC
With your little hands, such a joy to see!

O' My Blissful Miracle...

Every smile you give and every little thing you do
You are such a joy to feel, to spend my days through
Number one! is you will always be a part of me
A part that makes me feel complete and free

You are my little angel, came in my life for me to love
To hold you and see you play with my shoes and pearls!
To share in the good times and help in the bad,
Always I will be by your side
To watch you grow, and watch you learn,
Fills my life with so much pride

O' My Undying Love...

Even though during the tough times I faced,
I knew it was all worth it
A knot in a tie that can't be untied,
A bond that can never be torn apart,
Even from a million miles away,
You will always hold a key to my heart
No matter what, I'll always love you from my heart...


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