Baby Poems

Baby Poems

Poems Celebrating the Miracle of New Life

Poetry about babies are some of the most popular poems that are written. There is something about interacting with a baby that ignites something magical in all of us. They stare at us with inquisitive eyes curious about everything that is happening in their world. We look into their eyes and we remember a time before we were sure we had seen everything meaningful in life. They are us in miniature. We look at their tiny features and their chubby little bodies and we can't help but smile. Interacting with a baby can be truly miraculous.

57 Joyful Poems by Parents and Grandparents about Babies

  1. 1. Grandchild

    • By Penny Brown
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2016

    I am eagerly awaiting the birth of our first grandchild. For a baby shower to be given by the baby's great auntie, we have to write some words for the baby and give a bead. The beads will be strung together and the words collated as a booklet to give to the baby. The poem is my thoughts.

    New life, a little baby, a little star,
    The world awaits you near and far
    With guidance and loving care
    That will keep you safe and happy there.

    There's family to meet,
    Pets and friends to greet.
    A long path with us you'll share,
    We'll always be happy to meet you there.

    Life experiences will soon unfold,
    Stories now waiting to be told.
    Adventures, discoveries, obstacles and dreams
    All join to form your self-esteem.

    Of yourself, have no fears.
    Enjoy each day over the years.
    Be proud of who you are, no fuss,
    A unique little person loved by all of us.

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  3. 2. God Bless You, Little One

    My name is Ilona, and I wrote this poem to dedicate to my cousin's daughter who was celebrating her Christening. I read it in the church while the priest played Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It was very touching.

    A baby is a gift, a blessing that makes our lives worthwhile,
    As they complete us, give us purpose and always manage to make us smile.

    Their cuddles, snuggles, and soft kisses can brighten up any day.
    And it's amazing that even just watching them sleep can make all our problems simply fade away.

    When they gently clasp your finger or you gaze down at their cute little feet,
    We are reminded every day just how precious they are, so perfect and oh so sweet.

    We have come together with our family and friends on this absolutely perfect day
    To ask God if he could look after this princess as she goes on her way.

    We pray that He will keep her healthy and safe and always be her guide,
    And that he will be there for her when she needs him to be right by her side.

    As we watch her grow and learn, I hope she always learns right from wrong.
    May she be little warrior, brave and fearless, but at the same time, kind, gentle yet strong.

    May she never stop following her dreams and reach for the highest stars in the sky.
    Help her believe and achieve and let her spirits always fly high.

    We hope that she will be respectful, humble, honest and true.
    A life filled with pure happiness is what we all wish for you.

    May she always be surrounded by laughter and her heart always filled with love.
    And from this moment, we pray that she will be forever faithful to the Lord above.

    God bless you, little angel; may you never stop wearing a golden halo,
    And my wish for you is that your life will always be like a rainbow.

    Perfect in every single way and just so beautiful to see,
    A life that will be intriguing and as colorful as can be.

    God bless you, little one.

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  5. 3. Thank You, God

    A gift given from God above is sent to parents; it is a child to love.

    Sent straight from heaven up above
    Came an angel for me to love
    To hold and rock and kiss good night
    To wrap my arms around real tight

    To cuddle and nurture and watch him play
    To kiss his boo-boos all away
    To keep him safe and warm and count all his toes
    To hold the tissue for him when he blows his little nose

    To laugh at his jokes, to clap as he sings
    To tell him all the joy in my life that he brings
    To clean up his play dough, to pull his legos apart
    To pin up his drawings and tell him it's art

    To watch his first day of school on the bus all alone
    To fight back the tears as I make my way back home
    To applaud real loud when he's in his first play
    To help him with his homework at the end of his day

    To adore and cherish and watch him grow
    To guide and teach him all that I know
    To see him through good times and help him through bad
    To share in his happiness and cry when he's sad

    To hold him close and be by his side
    To watch him through life as my heart fills with pride
    To help him with decisions the best that I can
    To know that someday he'll be a fine young man

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    I love your poem! I have an 8-month-old son who is my world. If it weren't for him, I would've given up a long time ago. He is the very reason I am still alive.

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  6. 4. I Never Knew

    • By Martha L. Sheridan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A mother gazes in wonderment at her brand new baby girl.

    I never knew I could love so much,
    until the day I felt your touch.

    I softly kissed your tiny cheek,
    and from under your lashes I saw you peek.

    Your beautiful eyes so small and blue,
    my sweet little baby just brand new.

    I cannot wait to watch you grow,
    from your little head to your tiny toes.

    My daughter, my love, my little joy,
    my little angel, my baby doll toy.

    I promise to love you with all my heart.
    I'm here for you from the very start.

    I'll comfort you when you cry,
    I'll answer true when you ask me, "Why?"

    While you grow, be sweet and kind,
    and show all others how much you shine.

    My Daughter, My Love, I Never Knew

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    From the day I was in labour, I was scared but at the same time couldn't wait to meet or see you. I was curious. Then the first crying moment...that's where I knew that what I'd been waiting...

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  7. 5. A Lullaby, Sweet Dreams

    • By Kimberly L. Brennan-Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Sing this precious lullaby to your child.

    Sweet dreams my darling, the day is done.
    The moon is here to say goodnight to the sun.

    Gather your blankets and climb into bed.
    Close your eyes and lay down your head.

    Rest for now with peaceful dreams,
    Of twinkling stars and shining moon beams.

    Sweet dreams my darling, sweet dreams my love,
    Sweet dreams my precious gift from above.

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    I knit a baby blanket with cream and silver shot black, reprising the moon and the stars. Finding this poem to give with the blanket was perfect.

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  8. 6. Daddy's Little Angel

    • By Jason A. Hodges
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A father promises to his little baby girl that she will always be "daddy's little angel."

    When you were born, you filled my heart with pride,
    And I was overcome by the joy I felt inside.

    As I held you in my arms that very first day,
    I knew I would never let any harm come your way.

    With your tiny little hands and tiny little feet,
    Every time I look at you, my heart skips a beat.

    As I watch you sleep in the middle of the night,
    I hope and pray I will do everything right.

    I know I may make some mistakes along the way,
    But I promise to do my best not to every single day.

    I often wonder what you will grow up to be,
    But whatever you become will be fine with me.

    So whatever you may decide to do in your life,
    Maybe an astronaut, a lawyer, or even a doctor's wife,

    I can say this without any doubt at all,
    I will always be there to catch you if you fall.

    And another promise I make to you from me,
    Daddy's little angel you will always be.

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    I was definitely touched by this beautiful poem! There are so many young fathers in today's society who are clueless about how to take care of a baby! This poem that Jason wrote is absolutely...

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  9. 7. Open Arms

    • By Wendy L. Nichols
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A woman writes of becoming a mother. She holds her child in her arms for the first time and dreams of the life ahead that they will share together.

    The day you were born,
    you touched my soul.
    You were the missing link
    that made my life whole.

    Those beautiful blue eyes
    stare at me in awe,
    gazing at the woman
    who just became your mom.

    As days turned to months,
    and months turned to years,
    I watched you grow,
    Facing life's challenges and fighting your fears.

    Now that you're grown,
    you take that next step.
    Those years gone by,
    in my heart they're kept.

    If you get lost along your way,
    not sure what to do or what to say.
    Know that I'm present in spirit and soul
    with open arms and a hand for you always to hold.

    Mother To Son Poem, The Day You Were Born, Open Arms

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    This is a beautiful poem. I'm the mom of 3. I have two grown daughters. They light up my world like they did when they were young. I'm blessed to have a grand-boy that I'm extremely close to....

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  10. 8. A Cradle Song

    A poem from his book, Songs of Innocence, and of experience by William Blake, a lullaby of unparalleled beauty.

    Sweet dreams form a shade
    O'er my lovely infant's head;
    Sweet dreams of pleasant streams
    By happy, silent, moony beams.

    Sweet sleep with soft down
    Weave thy brows an infant crown.
    Sweet sleep, Angel mild,
    Hover o'er my happy child.

    Sweet smiles in the night
    Hover over my delight;
    Sweet smiles, Mother's smiles,
    All the livelong night beguiles.

    Sweet moans, dovelike sighs,
    Chase not slumber from thy eyes.
    Sweet moans, sweeter smiles,
    All the dovelike moans beguiles.

    Sleep sleep, happy child,
    All creation slept and smil'd;
    Sleep sleep, happy sleep,
    While o'er thee thy mother weep.

    Sweet babe, in thy face
    Holy image I can trace.
    Sweet babe, once like thee,
    Thy maker lay and wept for me,

    Wept for me for thee for all,
    When he was an infant small.
    Thou his image ever see.
    Heavenly face that smiles on thee,

    Smiles on thee on me on all,
    Who became an infant small,
    Infant smiles are His own smiles,
    Heaven & earth to peace beguiles.

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    Family where life begins and love never ends.

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  11. 9. Baby Girl

    • By Rebecca
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2012

    I got pregnant at 15 and had my baby girl at 16. I was lost in a world I soon regretted entering. This is for her! Thank you, baby.

    Big blue eyes and a beautiful smile,
    all the qualities to last the longest while.
    Comforting laugh and a warm heart,
    so many blessings I don't know where to start.
    Small hands and such small feet,
    but my love for you no one could beat.
    Intelligence and beauty,
    two of two you got from me.
    Laughter from the angels, sparks from the fire,
    you're my beautiful blessing that I love and admire.
    Simplicity and happiness I hope come your way,
    for I found both on your special birthday.
    My loving, sweet baby girl,
    for you my love is more than all that in the world.
    Walk strong and tall with all your grace.
    Find happiness and strength along your way
    my little girl, I love you dear.
    Be happy, graceful, and lively through all your years.

    To my baby girl, you are my hero--love mommy!!

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    This poem was really touching. I love my dad, he is my hero and my role model. I would like to share the love between me and my father. Every daughter is special and every dad is precious...

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  12. 10. What A Miracle You Are

    • By Jundy Raga
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2012

    This is a poem that I wrote as a gift for my sister Emy and her husband Jerry's soon-to-be born baby boy. The intention for the poem is two fold: first is to help the soon-to-be parents express how valuable their baby is to them, and second is to remind them of the concept that children are their parents' greatest adventure. We need to explore, enjoy, and play with them if we want to make the most out of it. And whether or not this adventure turns good or bad depends entirely up to us.

    What a miracle you are that comes to our life,
    A bundle of joy to relieve worries and strife,
    A breath of heaven's blessing knocking on the door,
    A whole new meaning of love to explore...

    What a miracle you are, oh tiny heartbeats that sleep,
    For even in the womb, our hearts you've learned to keep
    And the breeze of bond that sways with you promises of joy
    Of caring for a little angel and a lifetime to enjoy...

    What a miracle you are, though you are not yet here,
    The light that you shine wipes our every fear.
    The bliss that comes with you fills our mind day by day,
    With glorious wonders of thoughts of endless time to play...

    Indeed you are a miracle, a spark of God's endearing love
    An answer to a prayer that long we've sent above
    And as we wait to see your face, we dream of better future,
    For it is you, our dear God's grace, who are our greatest adventure.

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    Hello Jundy....I am Stanley from Indonesia. Reading your poem touches my heart. Yes, it is a miracle since "he" met "she" in mom's tummy. Your sentence, "An answer to a prayer that long we've...

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  13. 11. To My Unborn Child

    • By Rhonda O. Jones
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    As she waits for her baby boy to be born, mom thinks of the blessings that she will bestow upon him.

    To my unborn child,
    what I wish to give you in times to come,
    happiness, and wisdom,
    a life filled with fun,
    to explore all adventures of your curious mind,
    to become knowledgeable of what you'll find,
    as I await your arrival and the presence of newborn cries,
    I picture how you'll look when I open up my eyes.
    I feel your movements every time I wake each day,
    letting mommy know that you're okay.
    Obstacles I hope you'll overcome,
    education I know you'll get done.
    I stay up late reading to you,
    talking to my stomach,
    a feeling I never knew,
    hungry all the time
    'No doubt you're a son of mine.'
    You make me feel happy even when I'm sad,
    because the formation of another life makes me glad.
    Proud of you I am,
    I already know how you'll be,
    a smart lil' man for mommy to see.
    No worries from me, a mom to be,
    to a special baby boy I can't wait to see.

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    What on earth could make you happier than getting to know you have become a creator and given birth to gorgeous creation, a DAUGHTER?! I'm Feeling extremely blessed and blissful to have...

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  14. 12. A Mother's Promise

    • By Nicole Seymour
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    This is a poem that I wrote for my son when I was 8 months pregnant. It's a promise that every mother makes to her child. My son is only 5 and a half weeks old, and I feel so truly blessed to be his mama. I'm only 21 years old and this tiny little person has changed my life in a way I never imagined possible.

    I promise to always love you in whoever you decide to be
    I promise to be there for you, whenever you need me
    I promise to not pass judgment without first hearing you out
    I promise to be in your life from day one and to learn what you're about
    I promise to keep you healthy and to help you grow nice and strong
    I promise to teach you to be a good person and know what is right and wrong
    I promise to protect you and to always know you are okay
    I promise to always remember that being your mom is a gift, every single day
    These words, my angel, are my promise to you
    And during tough times I will read them through
    To be reassured that what I am doing is right
    And never giving up without a fight
    You are now and will forever be,
    My sweetest little boy.. My baby

    Dear Baby I'll Always Be There For You, A Mother's Promise

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  15. 13. My Little Girl

    • By Meghann E. Mastri
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    The birth of a baby inspires love and awe in the eyes of its parents.

    Ten tiny fingers,
    Ten tiny toes,
    Two little eyes,
    And one little nose.

    A beautiful smile
    Curly blonde hair
    A perfect angel
    Just standing there

    A blank slate
    For me to mold
    A little girl
    For me to hold

    She watches my every move
    Sure not to miss a beat
    I can't believe I am a mom
    It's different, but neat

    My hero, my savior
    My own little me
    The love of my life
    It's hard to believe

    An unbreakable bond
    Between her and I
    No limit to love
    When it reaches the sky

    My Little Girl

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    It's so nice to see a mother's perspective of their very own little child. I really hope I didn't disappoint my mom and her expectations for me. I think I love baby poems the most because...

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  16. 14. To My Little Angel

    • By Nisha Sam
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    To my sweet little niece sharing the wonderful moments we shared and reassuring that I will be there for her forever...

    From a tiny bundle till today
    I see you grow each day...
    From endless cries to endless laughs
    I see you glow each day...
    From the innocent questions to the incredible mischievous
    I see you learn each day...
    From the little walks we have to the small talks we do...
    From the kisses you plant to the crushing hugs you give...
    I save the memories each day...
    For one day I will have to be happy with only those memories near me
    And you away from me...
    For life will sure play the same game as it does every other day....
    But remember my dear, I will be there ever and forever for you as like today...

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    Nicely narrated. The poem touched me very deeply. I'd like to see more poems of this nature from the poet.

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  17. 15. My Baby Boy

    • By Tonya Y. Hiers
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A love for another human being that is so strong that it is even more than for herself. Is it not a marvel?

    Hey baby boy
    You bring me joy
    Every time I look at you
    All the little things you do
    I'm so glad God gave me you
    I wake every morning just to look in your eyes
    Every single morning I get a different surprise
    I pray every day that God blesses us both
    But I pray even more that God blesses you most.

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  18. 16. From Daddy

    • By Kieran Dockerty
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012

    After finding out my girlfriend was pregnant with my first child, I decided to pick up the pen again and start writing. This is the first poem I wrote for our unborn child.

    When you feel a hand rest upon your Mum,
    And you hear the sound of a low deep hum,
    I hope you know, and to yourself think gladly,
    This touch and voice is of my Daddy.

    It's still early days but you've got my heart,
    And I know that this is just the start,
    Because from now on and forevermore,
    I will love you, cherish you, and always adore.

    Every day my love for you grows,
    And I hope to you this already shows,
    I will do everything I can to make you see,
    That you will always mean the world to me.

    And from today until the day you're born,
    I swear to keep the oath I've sworn,
    You and Mum will always be cared for,
    Protection is the oath I swore.

    Not just to protect, but to always love,
    Because you were a gift from above,
    I never thought I would feel this way,
    But now I can't wait until next May.

    For when the day that you arrive,
    I would have never before felt so alive,
    You'll bring a tear straight to my eye,
    And you'll look at me and you'll know why.

    Because you will be the greatest gift,
    And my heart and soul you will uplift,
    That feeling there will be hard to beat,
    From that moment on my life's complete.

    But for now you sleep inside your Mummy,
    Keep warm and snug inside her tummy,
    And I'll look forward to the day you're here,
    To take my heart when you appear.

    So when you feel that hand on Mum,
    And hear the sound of my low deep hum,
    I know you'll know and for that I'm glad,
    That here with Mum is your very proud Dad.

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    This poem made me tear up.. it's so beautiful! My dad had moved 2,000 miles away from me and never told me he left, until he wanted me to see him every summer and miss my little brother's...

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  19. 17. My Little Girl So Small And Sweet

    • By Shauna Scott
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    This poem is for my daughter. She is 6 months old, and every day I love her more and more. I wrote this poem to express what I feel for her. 'I love you' just isn't enough for me. She is just the most joyful little girl and without her I would be nothing. So I hope one day she will read this, along with many others I hope to write, smiles, and says, "I love you too, Mummy!"

    Small and sweet.
    My little girl so small and sweet,
    Those tiny hands and tiny feet.
    Every day I watch you grow,
    You teach me everything I know.
    Such a joy to be around,
    Every smile and every sound.
    Number one you will stay,
    Each and every single day.
    You changed my life in such good ways,
    'Thank You' is all that I can say.
    I love to watch you sleep at night,
    Cuddled warm and wrapped up tight.
    As I blink, the time it flies,
    It breaks my heart to see you cry.
    I gave you life, so proud to say,
    I'll love you more with every day.
    My little girl, so small and sweet,
    For you, my heart, it beats and beats.

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  20. 18. As I Watch You Sleep

    • By Wanda L. Gossett
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Watching your baby sleep in your arms, it feels so good, it almost makes your heart leap out of your chest.

    I watched a little face sleeping,
    Eyelashes fluttering so,
    I wondered of the dream you were having,
    and if Angels were playing there.

    I watched a little face sleeping,
    Your little mouth was smiling so,
    I hope that you are as happy as me,
    holding you in my arms.

    I watched a little face sleeping,
    making sure of the breath you take,
    to watch you breathe and keep you safe,
    is all that matters to me.

    I watched a little face sleeping,
    holding your small hand in mine,
    five little fingers on each hand,
    as one hangs onto mine.

    I watched a little face sleeping,
    and as I prayed to myself,
    I thank God for letting me
    watch a little face sleeping.

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  21. 19. My Children, My Heart

    • By Lisa Beattie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    The births of two perfect babies, a boy a girl, fill a mother's life with joy and light.

    Her laugh rings through me
    like a thousand bells.
    The soft sweet way
    her little head smells.

    His smile so bright,
    his giggle so sweet.
    His precious tiny fingers,
    his chubby little feet.

    What filled my days before,
    I do not know.
    I've so much love within me,
    from inside my heart I glow.

    A beautiful new world
    has just begun.
    For in it, is my beautiful daughter
    and my handsome son.

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    People who have twins are doubly blessed. I had the honor of visiting newborn twins on a couple of occasions and it really is staggering that two could be born at the same time. Talk about...

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  22. 20. I Love You

    • By Umanga Wijesena
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013

    Happiness come to your life in many different forms. It is an everyday occurrence whether we see it or not. Now I share with you my happy moments. This is a poem about my child. The inspiration for this poem is how she takes my breath with every passing moment.

    I love your brown eyes
    I love your button nose
    I love your messy morning hair
    and your teeny, tiny toes
    I love your big bright smile
    and your little pearly whites
    I love your pointy chin
    and your silky smooth skin
    I love your long little fingers
    and your chubby little cheeks
    I love your ducky walk
    and your never ending talk
    I love it when you sing
    and start splashing the bath
    I love it when you sleep
    snuggled in my arms
    I love you with all my heart
    no matter what it may be
    Sometimes I love for no reason
    and sometime because you're my sweet honeybee.

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