Husband Poem

Wife Wants Husband To Be Romantic Again

This is a short poem about a young mother/wife at Valentine's Day who has a very sad blue heart!

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Her Blue Heart

© more by Patricia L. Cisco

Published: February 2017

There used to be a certain look so very long ago,
when she could look into his eyes and know he loved her so!

Now time has gone, and with it took the young girl he once knew.
She's mothered out and tired; her heart is hazed in blue!

It would be nice if once or twice that glance was thrown her way,
that his glance and smile told her he was pleased to stay!

It's not a wild adventure that she's been searching for;
it's only knowing in his eyes no one could please him more!

There's just one reason in this world a man keeps a beautiful wife.
That's because he shows her she's most precious in his life!

So if you truly love her, then make her wish come true.
Tell her on this Valentine's Day she means the world to you!



I am a mother of two grown sons, we are an extremely close family & extended family, like all families we have had many wonderful & blessed times through life and we have experienced heart ache as well, I raised my sons, to never make judgement upon another persons journey in this life and to be the best them that they can be , that is all we can really do in this life that is so short in comparison to the big scheme of history & time. Is to try, try and live simply and simply live with compassion & forgiveness in our hearts toward one another, being the best person you can be and always changing and growing along the way.

more by Patricia L. Cisco

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