Husband Poem

Choosing The Right Life Partner

I wrote this poem when my husband and I were married 10 years ago. We still have the same compassion for each other and are still following God's lead.

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Following God's Lead

Jac Judy A. Campbell © more by Jac Judy A. Campbell

Published by Family Friend Poems October 24, 2022 with permission of the author.

I didn't take a chance, so to speak
We're just following God's lead
He asked me if I would marry him
Holding hands on bended knee

He said that he would care for me
With pleasure meet my needs
He vowed to live a Christian life
And I had faith in him to believe

I remember when he whispered
It's not so much about desire
It's how our hearts beat deep inside
That sets our soul on fire

He told me he would cherish our love
And protect me as long as he lived
We would walk together forever
Until our journeys end

I knew he wouldn't cheat on his taxes
Or even cheat on me
For honesty shines bright and clear
For all God's world to see

I knew he wouldn't neglect our children
For they've been grown for quite some time
So tying a knot together would
Strengthen the ties that bind

I trusted he wouldn't desert me
When I crumbled and fell apart
For as he said what matters is
That he still held my heart

He'll be much more than spoken words
He'll be my trusting guy
Much more than luck or magic
Much more than meets the eye

So we're not taking chances
While in this world we'll be
We're sincerely counting blessings
And we're just following God's lead



Jac Judy A. Campbell is a poet by heart and a writer by nature, and she is thrilled to be able to share part of herself that others will enjoy. She reads a lot of good books and loves arts and crafts, sewing, crocheting, cooking, and growing a garden. She is happily married, takes care of her husband, and enjoys her children and...

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