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This poem make me feel like I met the woman of my dreams.

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I Imagine


Published: January 2015

I imagine.
When I do,
I can only think of you,
How your smile spreads to your eyes,
Making me want to live in the moment forever.
I imagine
That we walk on paths,
Unknown to us,
Filled with fear and excitement,
Winding with happiness that is constant.
I imagine
That we see the dawn,
Bursting with resplendent hues,
And birds soaring in the sky,
Inviting us to hum along.
I imagine
That we break rules,
Do things our own way,
Travel the world,
To leave our traces.
I imagine
A cold winter night,
In your arms,
Watching the snow,
Sitting at the window.
I imagine
The story of us
Has no end
Or beginning,
But continues like the universe.
I imagine
I could fill your heart,
With all my love,
So that we know a love,
Mysterious to this world.
I imagine
And wonder,
What you would imagine,
With a smile extending to my eyes.



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  • by Lawrence Barber
  • 5 months ago

This poem make me feel like I met the woman of my dreams.

  • by Raphy
  • 10 months ago

The poem is very sweet. I like it. I imagine myself in love with a girl I met online. I imagine her smile when I send her a message. I imagine us together in love, built on trust from long distance. I imagine us living happily when I met and marry her.

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