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When we encounter our true love, we dream of a thousand ways to make ourselves known to her.

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Awesome poem. It is very cool and makes lots of sense.

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Secret Admirer


Published: December 2007

I wish I were a bird
every morning I would fly to your place
and sit at the window
to be the first one everyday
to see your lovely face

I wish I were the dew
when you pick the rose
and smell its scent
I would silently wish you morning
and kiss you on your nose

I wish I were the mirror
the mirror on your wall
when you would ask me
I would tell you my love
you are the fairest of them all

Every morning when you pray
I wish I were the sun rays
to see you and be your admirer
and pray for your happiness
God bless you with grace

Oh if, I were . . . I wish I were
or be me only
singing to you the song of love
if you would hear only.

Singing to you till my death.

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  • Gbenga Ajibade by Gbenga Ajibade
  • 6 months ago

Awesome poem. It is very cool and makes lots of sense.

  • Gabby White by Gabby White
  • 3 years ago

Hey! So here is your chance to help me. I really like this person but when I get around her I lose words to say what I want to tell her. I like her but I don't want to be known just yet. I'm so afraid that they wont give me a shot. I thought about giving the person their favorite flowers with 'from secret admirer' and a poem that represents her and how I feel about her but I'm lost for words. She is in my culinary class. Please help me say the right thing.
p.s. I'm afraid I'm going to say the wrong thing if I just write it myself

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