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My best friend's son just recently passed away, he was only seven years old. We are heartbroken. I wish I could do something to take away her pain, she has not been in contact with anyone, including me. So I'm reaching out to her via poems, I hope it helps her as well as myself. I'm also a Mom and would not know what I would if I was in her shoes.

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I'm Here For You


Published: October 2009

I feel your sadness
Oh how can I take away your tears
You are truly one incredible mother
Who's been through so much in all those years

My dearest dearest Lisa
I don't know what to say
Oh so much tragedy
Has finally come your way

I wish I could take some of your misery
And share part of your deep wrenching pain
I wish that God would somehow reject Dom in heaven
And brings him back to us again

I wish I can just come right over
And tell you that everything is alright
I wish I can just do something, anything
Or just to hold you tight

I know you just want to be alone right now
To try and make sense of what's going on
To try and answer the many 'why' questions
And how to ever move on

I wish you will eventually find some comfort
In knowing that you did your best
But there was nothing that anyone could've done for our little angel
And now he lays to rest

I'm sure he knows how much he was loved by you
He had the best Mummy in the whole wide world
Who would trade her life for him if she could
If only that was possible

I know that no one can take away your suffering
Or even really feel your pain
But I want you to know that I'm here for you
Waiting for you to get back on your feet again



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