Crying Poem by Teens

When I needed help the most, misery was the only feeling I had. Knowing I could still feel miserable kept me sane. When I could feel, or I felt too overwhelmed and it brought me back to misery. Without misery, I would be dead in my opinion.

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Its Name Is Misery


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2012

It wants me to suffer
And I wanna cry so bad
But I don't want to be the victim anymore
No, I've had enough of that

I understand you want me
But you'll take anyone who's willing
"The more, the merrier" you always say
What's so merry about killing

You've become part of my mind
Became my voice
So I can hide
And I've been hidden so long
That I've lost my pride
And now I'm scared
So to your orders, I'll abide

Now I think I'm stronger
Wise enough to leave your side
So now I drift away from you.
Like the shore and the tides

But you know I'll come crawling back
Because I know I will too
I'm stronger and wiser now?
What was I trying to prove?

I can never forget you
You're such a big part of me
You're my closest friend
And your Misery


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