Death Poems by Teens

Death, grief, and anguish all go hand in hand. But death brings with it many questions as well. Why do we die? Is this life all we get? What is the purpose? Why do good people sometimes die young? What happens after death? Do dead people watch over their loved ones from heaven? Sometimes not having those answers can deprive us of much needed comfort and solace. One way to find comfort after the death of a loved one is to remember fondly all of the good times you spent with them. Expressing your feelings to a good friend or family member can help too.


Grandpa I'm Missing You

Grandpa you were here just the other day
How could you just fade away
As tears raced down my face
I tried to picture us in a peaceful place
As they told me you were gone
I couldn't hold in any tears for long
If you could of just stayed for one more year
I would of been ready for all the tears
it seems like just yesterday
we were close together
I never even got to say goodbye
You were too far away
A couple days later I didn't even want to see you laying there
so cold and lifeless you weren't there
As I stood by your coffin with you in there
I stood there for hours with my family trying to be near me
I couldn't help but push them away
my heart and soul broke when I saw you fading in the ground that day
you took them with you when you went up to heaven
right now its been month seven
As I stand by your grave
I think about all our memories I saved
your smile and laugh and the love that was for me
I was like your daughter your baby girl
you made me happy, lifted me up when I fell
Right now all I feel is pain, weak and helpless
I feel hated and depressed
I cry myself to sleep
hoping I could be with you
my eyes are bloodshot and red
I had a dream last night goodbye was all you said
I tried to hold on but you just slipped away
please don't leave me I still cry to this day
I never stopped loving you
I'll never stop missing you
I'm thinking about you Grandpa!



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Death is such a difficult concept. Our grandparents are often the first people to leave our lives. I still miss my grandparents so much and I wish that they were still here, as well as every...

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