Sickness Poem

Slowly Losing A Loved One

This poem is about the pain of watching someone loved so very much just slowly fade away.

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Last Embers Verse I


Published: January 5, 2022

The clarity of my mind has faded.
Those vibrant thoughts, slowly washed away.
Memories once so strong, are now so distant.
Names of those I held so dear, escape me now.

My life is confused, unclear, like the darkness of the night.
The warmth of stories old, no longer take me back.
A life remembered fondly by so many, is hidden to me now.
Solemn times, so cherished and adored, no longer come to mind.

People look at me so lovingly, but I know not who they are.
Loving faces so unfamiliar, they no longer bring a smile.
No sign of love is felt, nothing lights my eyes.
How I wish I knew these people, and why I make them cry.

You hold my hand, I feel no love, no sense of who you are.
My thoughts so barren of recollection, so empty to my voice.
A life bereft of meaning, emotion and desire.
My life once so radiant, just the last few embers of the fire.


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