Father Poem

The Fears That Affect A Father

I see my daughter's life flying by so fast. She's only young, but my mind often takes me to the day I'll give her away on her wedding day. How I dread that day, yet I try to use that feeling to inspire me to be the best dad I can, while I can.

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A Father's Fear

© more by Dan L. Wallace

Published by Family Friend Poems September 8, 2022 with permission of the Author.

The fears of a father in this world are not few.
Over time they may shift in their shape, shade, or hue,
But the one that keeps calling, keeps knocking my door,
"What happens when she doesn't need me anymore?"

Right now, I'm her hero, her joker, her friend.
Must the passing of time bring all that to an end?
Everyone tells me, "They grow up so fast."
How do I hold on to what I know will not last?

These thoughts most afflict me on nights starved of sleep
Like treading water in emotion, too vast and too deep.
Too soon will I slip beneath the surface, from view,
Replaced in her heart by a hero anew.

If you fight fire with fire, can I fight fear with fear?
"What happens if I don't make the time count right here?"
"What if work or sports or other things hold sway?"
"Would I be happy with that when I'm old and gray?"

Let it be my resolve to be fully engaged
In her life, while I can, before she gets engaged.
I'll keep safe in my heart, every laugh, every smile,
Until that day arrives to walk my girl down the aisle.


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