Dark Poem

I wrote this while I was in English class. it doesn't really tie into anything specific. It was more or less a bunch of words and sentences that I put together to make a poem.

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Lies Of Dreams

© more by Shianne

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2018 with permission of the Author.

A wish upon a bed of lies
A hope that fell like tears from your eyes
Shattered dreams cast aside
Forgotten memories of how you tried
Screams that pierce the cool night air
Relive these memories, you they dare
Hatred pulses from your veins
Anger no longer shackled in chains
Silence greets you on this night
Cries and sobs as hatred meets
Turned on you, pointed the blame
Without a thought, without a shred of shame
The tears shine bright, scarlet red
Yet not one falls, left unshed
The dark consumes your very soul
Left behind, you play a new role
A dreamer of shadows, a seer of tales,
A bearer of lies, behind you they trail
One touch shows what is to be
A curse granted for all eternity
Broken hopes upon the ground
Guilt drenched thoughts the only sound
Cast away, these diamond lies
Seen only by the dreaming eyes
Shattered glass shows the way
To darker dreams stored away
A nightmare begins to unfold its wings
Voices of hatred all it brings
A lie turned back from a dream
A reaper of souls, it may seem
One word will tell of your fate
And one kiss shows it came too late.


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