Compassion Poem

Knowing And Letting Yourself Be Known

Sometimes what you know is getting really heavy to carry. Especially what you know about yourself. Don't worry, all of us have baggage. So when I was writing this poem, I said, "why not right?". Just let your baggage be free so it doesn't weigh you down.

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Listen To My Confessions

© more by Michelle D. Deocampo

Published by Family Friend Poems May 27, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I am who I am.
No one knows me except myself.
But I want you to know me,
Because it's getting heavy to carry.

Please listen to my confession,
I don't know the reason behind my formation.
Listen to me when I say,
I don't know myself at all.

Help me find pieces of information,
To know myself more.
Behind this confession,
Is a way to an open door.

Please listen to me when I say,
That I wanted to go far away.
From the problems and all,
That could mean my downfall.

I would like you to listen.
For how many times I've been beaten,
For how many times I've fallen.
But each time I fell, I've still risen.

Please listen to me when I say,
No one had caught me in my falling,
No one had answered in my calling,
No one had looked for me while I'm away.

Can you imagine these things happening to you.
I bet you would be hurt too.
I don't know why these things happen in my life.
I've thought to end it with a knife.

But someone told me "No".
Out there is a world anew.
That person whom I don't know,
Made me realize to go with the flow.

Many ups and downs in my life.
Many problems and all.
Hoping that you'd understand,
Please listen to my confessions.


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