Falling in Love Poem

Finding True Love

This was written about my wife and how I knew right from the start that she was the one for me.

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Love At First Sight

Lee W. Barker © more by Lee W. Barker

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2019 with permission of the Author.

Like a bird upon a branch,
She sat so elegantly;
I knew right from the start
She was the one for me.

Blonde hair blowing in the wind,
She looked so beautiful;
A smile could light the sky,
Together our heart strings pull.

Her eyes twinkled like a star
Or diamonds in the sky;
With her, I could lay forever,
Watching the world go by.

Love at first sight it was
As our hearts began to sync;
Like a hand into a glove,
I reached out my arm to link.

I thought, "She's too good for me."
It seems too good to be true;
Could she be the one at last
Who says those words "I do"?

A story of love we will tell
About love at first sight
When my heart fell for yours
On that cold winter's night.

Love is when you'd do anything.
Love is your best friend;
Love is the key to life,
Love is until the end.

Like two doves we will be,
Together in all we do;
Till death do us part,
I will always love you.


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