Confused about Love Poem

Poem About Love Not Returned

This is the image of the perfect girl to me, however she is out of reach.

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Just A Dream


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2012 with permission of the Author.

a shadow flies by and it catches your curiosity
whirls past you with escalating ferocity
in a dark room it illuminates the space
but you can't catch it for it runs at a faster pace
green eyes and red hair
a beauty in which no one can compare
her run becomes a walk as she invites you to follow her
but even so she is still just a blur
you notice you are crying from her mere sight
so you follow her into the night
deeper through the hallway you go
it's completely dark, no light will show
time seems to elude you
but you are fixed on seeing her for a second or a few
this is a once in a life time chance
or so you think
her voice is a song her walk is a dance
her skin is a pale white, her cheeks a rosy pink
you finally find a light
it's the star across the sky of the night
you look around an catch her gaze
suddenly your stomach feels like a maze
a labyrinth, twisting and turning with no end
time doesn't last forever, but a minutes is all you ask to lend
she walks your direction
you look down, you're standing on water but no reflection
this blows your state of mind
you look around but hers in the only reflection you can find
your face is brushed by her hand
you feel like you are in never-land
you feel like you can fly
soar across the marvelous sky
but you stay on the ground
next to the girl that makes your heart pound
she draws nearer
her eyes are a little more clearer
you can feel it coming, a kiss
but then something comes amiss
you wake up and you ask yourself "was it just a dream?"


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