Baby Death Poem

God Gave Me An Angel

My poem is written in perspective of a close friend of mine. She was diagnosed with breast cancer following her daughter's birth and was told it was not genetic but came from complications with preeclampsia during her pregnancy. Maleah was her angel and her reason to fight. Three months into her cancer battle and when Maleah was 7 months old, she got the phone call that her husband and daughter were in a minor fender bender car wreck. In less than an hour, Maleah passed from internal injuries.

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Maleah Antionette Gray


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2018 with permission of the Author.

God gave me an angel,
A sweet, smiling baby girl.
He gave her to me...
10 little fingers, 10 tiny toes...all curled.

God gave me an angel
Whose smile could light the dark.
He gave her to me
To hold deep within my heart.

God gave me an angel
In the form of this perfect baby girl.
He gave her to me
To change my whole world.

God gave me an angel,
A special gift he gives very few.
He gave me an angel
To touch the lives of me and you.

God gave me an angel.
Though I could only keep her for a while,
He let me keep the memories
That will always make me smile.

God gave me an angel.
Her time was just for show.
He may have given me an angel,
But he never told me I'd have to let her go.

For the only problem with having an angel,
Is they're too perfect for this world
Once you've held a piece of Heaven
In the arms of your baby girl.

God gave me an angel,
This I know is true.
For my life can never be the same,
All because I met you...


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