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This poem is about a woman and her dog.

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Evening Walk


Published: October 2007

Wanna go for a walk?
The words stun his eyes in disbelief.
His tail stops wagging momentarily,
then lets go in a spasm of joy.
I reach for the leash.
His face lights up,
his mouth opens wide,
his little body wiggles.

Walking outside,
he can hardly wait,
he runs - why walk?
He bounds across the street,
jerking me every which way.
He is familiar with this place.
He knows the good grass
from the bad.
He knows how they
kick a ball back and forth here
along the fresh white lines.

Running along, now he is lagging,
and I am leading.
With his powerful nose
he sniffs everything:
a tree,
a twig,
a clump of mud.
These little things seem
like treasures to him.

Stop, go
Stop, go.
Stopping to soak it all in.
Cool evening air kicks in
as it drifts from the west
and flows through my hair.
He now notices the wind too,
his ears flapping in the wind,
his nose pointed toward the clouds.

Along the water,
he chases birds
prancing through the sand,
reminding me of a young spunky child
running and playing.
A sudden burst of
smoky barbecue scent
rides the wind
as it fills the air
and our noses.

He stands erect,
everything about outside
as if savoring and keeping it
to enjoy as a memory.

Homeward bound,
we take no detours,
no stops.
He knows our final destination.
He anxiously trots to
our doorstep.
The door opens,
he steps inside
and is fast asleep
within minutes.

Lost in dreams,
he keeps a smile
on his face
reliving his evening walk.



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