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This poem is about a house mouse my mother could not get rid of no matter what she tried. Her dog Tess, must have liked his company because he didn't seem to bother her!

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I was just wondering why she would go to Oz. Isn't Oz a magical world?

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Mary And The Mouse


Published: September 2012

It started all so sweetly, Mary and the mouse
It took a while to realize she had company in the house
And Tess, she didn't worry
She didn't even care
When Mickey shared her dinner
She never turned a hair

But then he got quite cheeky
And some would say too brave
The noise that mouse was making
Was like a rodent rave
He left no signs of presence
Not even one small crap
But Mary knew the time was nigh
She'd have to get a trap

She got ones that would snap shut
She got some that were sticky
But which of these would do the trick
And put an end to Mickey?
She laced the traps with biscuits
And then she tried some cheese
That mouse was having none of it
He was a little tease

One day she thought she'd got him
Those traps they never fail
But Mary soon found out that Mickey
Only lost his tail
He's moved into the bathroom
That mouse sure is no dope
He knows if he gets peckish
He can nibble on the soap

The story's far from over
The war has just begun
'cos Mary just will not give up
Until this battle's won
She's calling in the experts
To come and do their best
As nothing else has helped her
To get rid of this pest

And if when she returns from Oz
Mickeys eyes they do not bat
There's only one more thing to do
She'll have to get a cat!



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  • by Taylor Green
  • 2 weeks ago

I was just wondering why she would go to Oz. Isn't Oz a magical world?

  • by Momo Long
  • 1 month ago

I have been reading this poem over and over again and can't get enough of it. This poem is very vibrant and happy. It makes a good poem to start the day.

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