Grandmother Death Poem

Missing My Grandma Poem

I wrote this poem about my "Mama Anna." She's the kind of grandmother you'd wish for. She was a loving, kind, generous, beautiful, and wonderful Navajo woman. Everything I am, I owe to my grandma. Loving you always, Mama. naa' tsohii

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Missing Mama Anna


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010 with permission of the Author.

Now that you're gone,
the memories remain of what used to be,
your beautiful smile,
the sound of your laugh,
your heart of gold,
you wore on your sleeve,
those big brown eyes,
filled with love,
but most of all,
the love you gave.

You always had faith,
you never gave up,
you always found a way,
to make us see,
how great GOD is indeed.

I'll never forget the times we shared,
going to the Wal-Mart,
cruising around,
eating at Wagon Wheel,
painting our toes,
or just playing around.

But most of all, just talking with you,
you always had a way with words,
a way to make me see,
but most of all, you made me believe,
you helped me see why,
you had to leave.

Your spirit was strong,
your body was weak,
He saw you struggle,
He felt your pain,
He held out his hand,
you grasped it tight,
no more pain,
no more struggles,
just the comforts of Heaven.

With each day that passes,
I'll miss you even more.


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