Summer Poem

Mist Of Waterfall

I dedicate this poem to my family and friends and this girl named Malerie who I never met before because she died of cancer and she liked waterfalls.

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I like this. Birds chirping touch me.

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A Sunny Day Waterfall


Published: June 2008

On a sunny, hot, windy day,
Chirping birds come my way.
Comfortable, beautiful, smashing
When water comes down and crashing.
Relaxing, misty air
When people come they will stare.
Sweet, pine, wet
People will never forget.



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  • Daniel Tang by Daniel Tang
  • 6 years ago

I like this. Birds chirping touch me.

  • Lucy Nocella by Lucy Nocella
  • 6 years ago

First how amazing for Sybrina Spencer to write a beautiful poem for a lady who she never met that died of cancer. Two of my friends died they both loved water falls the smells of summer, what your poem says describes what they were about I hope Sybrina does not mind that I dedicate this to Richard and Eleanor I know they will like this poem there spirits are around me.

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